Pleasure Shop on the Avenue

Pleasure Shop on the Avenue

Two thieves rod a drug store and decide to hide out in a porn shop. Soon after when the coast is clear, the thieves take the shop worker with them as hostage. On there way to freedom they decide to break into a mansion and discover that they are not the only ones hiding as well. They find a group of students. The movie soon turns into a Last House on the Left meets a Joe D'Amato style film full of sleazy sex.

Two amateur armed robbers steal $5,000 from NY's red light district, only to discover it was an intended protection payment to the mob. With Mafia hit men after them they seek shelter in a sleazy sex shop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pleasure Shop on the Avenue torrent reviews

Jessica B (mx) wrote: Great movie! I loved it!

Rebekah R (ca) wrote: This is my favorite movie.

Charles P (ag) wrote: There's a sly sense of humour in The Edge in how it subverts the cliches of survival films.

Andr G (ca) wrote: Un croisement entre Hitchkock -com (C)die noire o s'empilent les cadavres- et Michel Tremblay -(inceste frre-soeur. Sans grand int (C)rt, sinon le pubis de Julie LeBreton...

Paul D (it) wrote: Fairly heavy drama with all the problems and issues you'd expect with a female heavy rural Irish family. The excellent cast carries it well though.

D M (mx) wrote: Following Deathstalker, we have another super cheesy Corman-produced Argentinean sword and socery type fantasy movie with lots of boobies and Lana Clarkson. A simple village is attacked and villagers captured right before their beautiful warrior queen is to be married. Seeking the return of their village-folk, the surving women (including the queen) follow the raiders to their city. Once there the queen is captured only to be strapped to a torture device and raped by an apparent rabbi. Pretty much a stinker.

Michelle T (ru) wrote: Kusturica est un grand artiste ! Toute sa filmographie vaut la peine d'tre vue.

Geoff J (ca) wrote: Errors of my choosing this borefess

Indu R (br) wrote: This movie is just as good as the other Mission Impossible movies. Good action and special effects.

Private U (fr) wrote: This is the worst movie in the entire world. Showdown in a supposed post apocalytic WAREHOUSE. Filmed entirely inside it, with less than 5 actors, getting shot over and over again by a mechanical acting performance by Dolph Lundgren. Dolph only mutters single words, indicating severe retardism, or simply a FUCKING AWFULL manuscript. (IF such exists) AS a comedy it's a straight flush! 5 stars.

Kamil G (nl) wrote: Overall a dreadful movie with a really poor plot. I did not find a single thing funny. I would say its a movie that you watch when you want to kill some time.