Pledge This!

Pledge This!

At popular South Beach University, filthy rich super-snob Victoria English is the absolute queen of leading Greek student club, Sigma Sigma. In order to achieve her crowning ambition, winning FHM Magazine's annual best sorority, she must recruit atypical 'Sigmies' to fulfill the diversity criteria. Ambitious sycophant pledge Kristen Haas helps her attract 'losers' (too poor, ugly, unfashionable), who are cruelly put through excruciating hazing, without intent to actually enroll them. Gloria, the brightest and most assertive pledge, wins the heart of Derek 'baby Dick', Victoria's ideal, yet constantly abused boyfriend, whose bitch-addiction is cured by this alternative lover. Together they lead the revolt of the not-even-nerds.

At South Beach University, a beautiful sorority president takes in a group of unconventional freshman girls seeking acceptance into her house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin T (au) wrote: Ok, good twist but not terrific plot

Skylar E (kr) wrote: One of the best biopics made in quite a long time. Good direction, phenomenal performances, and an awesome soundtrack make for one of the best films about the Civil Rights movement that I have ever seen.

Paula K (mx) wrote: Some very interesting observations about the connections between life and food, but it really dragged in places.

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Jason D (ca) wrote: Very loosely based on an actual manhunt that took place in Canada during the Depression-era, Death Hunt has quiet trapper Albert Johnson (Charles Bronson, always smooth as ice) running into other (less friendly) trappers engaged in dogfights. After he buys one of the badly injured dogs from one particular trapper he embarrasses (Ed Lauter), the group immediately run to the mounties, comprised of the great Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, and then-newcomer Andrew Stevens, to which they all just ignore the trappers. Naturally, the trappers set out to kill Bronson, who is armed to the teeth and a much better tactical fighter. When some blood is spilled, the entire town, including the mounties go after Bronson, who starts taking all of them out one by one in a hellblaze of glory (and blood). While the entire movie is fairly engaging, you'll have to try go get by the first half of the film without getting put off by the terribly written lines. Even though there are a lot of well-established and fine actors in this movie, even they cannot deliver those poor lines any better. BUT, in the second half, when there's less talking and more action, the film makes up for it and manages to be quite a lot of fun. Bronson's fun as always, Marvin is great as well, Weathers offers up another good (and interesting) performance, as do Stevens and Lauter. I will say Angie Dickinson was slightly wasted in this film (as Marvin's love interest). She's barely in it but a couple of minutes. Probably not the best vehicle for any of these actors, but still a nice, old-school action movie to watch.

Renee G (br) wrote: I am a fan of the music and play be I do think the leads for the movie were a miss, Laurie is presented as a brat and curly is too cardboard for my taste. Think the filmed play version with Hugh Jackman was much better and did retain all the music.

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