A husband and wife are locked inside a single hotel room with a stranger named Ploy. Subtle suspicions build up to jealousy as the young woman triggers devastating consequences for the couple.

Every relationship has an expiration date. Every relationship needs its fantasies...some more real than others... A violent death of a relative brings Wit and his wife, Dang, back to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kara H (nl) wrote: I've always heard about Lizzie Borden but never knew all the details. The same to give a pretty good idea of what happened with the slight modern-day twist, despite the crime dating back to 1892. Christina Ricci and Clea Duvall definitely made this a little bit more interesting. Almost didn't recognize Clea.

Jerry S (kr) wrote: Almost bearable. Even it's entertainment side kicks pretty good, still the brain dead going is overwhelming. Excellent choice for a massive or just big party. Not for the intelligent audience.Watch if you dare.

Blair S (us) wrote: Very creppy, gave me chills. Made me laugh but also scream. Good movie for almost all ages, and not very long.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: Riveting, expertly crafted documentary that follows the 20 year story of Darryl Hunt, a man who was wrongly accused of the rape and murder of a newspaper reporter in Winston-Salem, NC, and faced years of mistakes, mishandlings, and racism from an incompetent justice system before being totally exonerated after previously ignored DNA evidence proves his innocence. A stunning and disturbing look at shocking problems within our justice system, and the 20 year struggle of a wrongly accused man to find justice for himself and the woman he was accused of murdering.

Peter F (mx) wrote: As much an art piece as it is a documentary, Laurie Anderson's film is an inventive work that benefits from her stellar cinematic textures, and insightful narration.

Ilsa L (us) wrote: While "A Prayer for the Dying" is supposedly dealing with a man's attempts to escape his violent past, this is really just the backdrop for a thriller. Ultimately, the movie doesn't work well on either level as the meaning is totally compromised and the storyline is too ludicrous to be an exciting thriller.

vakil k (jp) wrote: honesty is the best policy

Nya J (fr) wrote: awesome movie but a little sad

Cattera Y (mx) wrote: PixelsThis movie is not only an amusing end of the world comedy but also a cool fanservice for retro game enthusiast

Sameer Q (au) wrote: My Superrrrrrrrr Favourite MOvie I love this MoviEEEEEEEEEEEEE So MuCh

Drew T (jp) wrote: Decent with less than ideal last half.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Uneven, with some mildly interesting stories and some pointless ones.Based on Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, Pier Paulo Pasolini's adaptation doesn't do the book much justice. Many of the stories are plain dull and pointless. Some are interesting, but then end anti-climatically. (This is worse, in a way, as you get your hopes up of a decent story, and then it doesn't really go anywhere). Quite similar to Pasolini's previous work, The Decameron, in many respects. Also doesn't have anything that ties the stories together (although The Decameron did at least have a summarising statement at the end, which was reasonably profound).Performances here are better than the The Decameron, though there are some absolute shockers again. The lead character in the Chaplinesque scene involving the egg salesman takes the cake in terms of hammy acting.