Plug Love

Plug Love

Based on the acclaimed novel by danielle marcus and directed by derek scott. Plug love is a urban love story. When a woman realize that being cheated on is not worth the finer things in life. While being in a unfaithful relationship with her man. She stumbles upon the true definition of real love. Which is define by another man. In which the relationship becomes deadly.

Directed by Derek Scott, the movie tells the story of a woman who is in an unfaithful relationship and decides not to stay with it. She then stumbles on the true definition of real love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamal J (nl) wrote: could someone PLEASE have an original idea. this is a white version of "Bustin Loose", the 1981 movie starring the late Richard Pryor and the great Cicely Tyson. i hope this film at the very least pays homage

Octavian (us) wrote: Okay, I LOOOOOOOVE that there's a character with my name. Just saying it over and over and over like it's a normal name that people don't think is a big deal. People say my name as if they feel silly doing it. It's just a name, guys. Other than that, this is a nice alternative-culture movie that is probably more hippie-parent accepted than, say, something with explosions or where they teach misogyny to children. you know, like in normal fucked up kids movies. It's clean.

Chloe A (ca) wrote: 1/2 a star! I couldn't even finish this thing! The most confusing film ever!

Kevin B (kr) wrote: If you like football or even if ya dont watch this film. If only to admire their determination

Marena K (de) wrote: Loved it! A great comedy to watch- I swear the whole cinema was laughing most of the time. It's probably one of the few- if not the only one- movies with Kareena Kapoor I liked her acting. The soundtrack was great. Reminds me a bit of You Don't Mess With Zohan, but it was 10 ten times better. :D

Robert H (mx) wrote: The film carries little action considering the cover. No, this film is more about PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. Shot on a very low budget and looking the part, the film does have some high points. A few of the actors do a damn good job with their parts... unfortunately, it's none of the main ones.The story could have been good but instead of concentrating on the main storyline the film throws in a bunch of trainees almost as if to be red herrings. Sure you don't exactly know what the story is supposed to be for the first half of the film... but that's not a good thing.This film lacked direction and it showed, combined with a terrible look and little payoff in terms of action and Garrison is easily forgotten

Toni G (ag) wrote: one of eddie murphy's finest roles.

Dylan C (mx) wrote: I am no expert on movies, but this was a movie that is much more worth my time than many movies I had seen in the past. I found the story just interesting enough to make you want to see more. Even after you have seen it once over. I give this a well earned 9/10.

Sean H (ru) wrote: Run of the Mill. But... its the Duke so why not.

Spookie M (it) wrote: Ridiculous does not begin to describe this sequel which stars Wings' Crystal Bernard. A rock n roll killer with a guitar/drill goes after Bernard all Freddy Krueger-like. Insanity ensues!

Jaime V (mx) wrote: the best stand up ever! maybe

Ally F (nl) wrote: This is really impress me a lot, hard to believe it made in 1974!!!!!!!

Stella D (us) wrote: well, after making fun of this for years, i finally watched it and it was pretty damned entertaining. jennifer jones pulls some weird faces and tiomkin's score is too bombastic as usual, but it kept me interested throughout. i don't get the allegations of racism here. do people think no one ever used the word halfbreed? that ending is still pretty silly but easier to take in context

Alec B (kr) wrote: A thing of astonishing beauty. As great as so much of Chaplin's filmography is, I don't think he ever did anything as perfect as the final few minutes of this movie.

Rinaldo H (it) wrote: Though visually engaging, it is too vague in terms of storytelling and sequence. Some of the scenes does not make sense for me in terms of a comprehensive and solid plot.

Liam M (kr) wrote: One of my very favourite marital arts movies ever