Plunder Road

Plunder Road

A spectacular heist starts to unravel as the crooks take it on the lam.

The film follows five crooks on a train to the San Francisco Mint to get away with a lot of money, nine-ton gold shipment. They believe in their great plan, but in fact what is waiting for them ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miguel A (au) wrote: difcil explicar o que me atrai nesta esp (C)cie de drama teolgico (g (C)nero restrito e delicado), mas aqui est um filme que merece um lugar parte. Precisa de pouco para dizer muito sobre como a F (C) no pode ser monopolizada por nenhuma organizao religiosa ou sobre como aqueles que anseiam tanto pelo Divino podem nem ficar especialmente satisfeitos quando este se manifesta. Tpicos pesados e fortes que proporcionariam certamente uma conversa empolgante num regresso a casa de carro. E o mist (C)rio que transborda na Sylvie Testud (C) o mesmo que tanta falta faz a um monte de actrizes americanas que se esgotam em 2 ou 3 filmes. Saldo altamente positivo.

Adriano B (br) wrote: It falls in the main trap of K-wuxias: an excess of soapy tones, spilling drama over the bloodshed of an otherwise manly story ('cept for the evident sexual attraction between male leads); also ridden by unnecesary slomo, and by hilarious brooding eyestares, aka THE GAZE, but.. so bad it's good.

Tom A (fr) wrote: Rough, free-flowing document of a few years in the 1990s with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. While this straight-to-video film gives little insight into his writing, and is technically shoddy (bad sound, bad cinematography, songs are clumsily inserted without any reason, etc.) , it gives you a relaxed feeling of hanging out with Thompson during a series of revealing antics: an appearance with Johnny Depp and John Cusack at the Viper Room; spraying uptight Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner with a fire extinguisher; discussing his DUI case with the Aspen City police; illustrator Ralph Steadman confessing he always felt he should have had equal credit with Thompson for their shared works; and, in the most arresting scene, throwing filmmaker Alex Cox (then signed to direct Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) out of his house for having too many animated sequences in the planned film. Often it is difficult to hear Thompson's low, guttural murmurs (there are optional subtitles) but this only adds to the gonzo feeling of the film, which well reflects the subject. There is something perversely satisfying in watching a bonafide genius constantly misbehaving, unafraid to look like a fool, smoking, smoking pot, and constantly drinking (including while driving, not with a bottle but an open glass of Scotch).Enjoyable if ultimately not quite satisfying in its portrait of a major literary figure. The DVD extras are sometimes even more interesting than what is in the film. We see P.J. O'Roarke discussing Thomas Mann and Vladimir Nabokov with Thompson (one of the few literary discussions); writing a song (and it sounds pretty bad) with Warren Zevon; and discussing the fate of his Fear and Loathing co-pilot Oscar Acosta. Unfortunately, the commentary track with Thompson and filmmaker Wayne Ewing is tedious and not enlightening.

David C (jp) wrote: great movie style and sustance

Jj N (ca) wrote: Si quieres ver una pelcula llena de accin y algunos trucos inteligentes, esto es para ti. Es fresco y tiene un giro inesperado al final. Te vas a rer y disfrutar de ella.

David L (it) wrote: I love this film - the best of the bunch if you ask me, for so many reasons. First and foremost, it's action packed from the start with the rescue attempt on Han Solo involving some great scenes with Jabba, the Rancor and the Saarlac Pit. We then have the emotional departure of our little green friend Yoda, coupled with the introduction of the furry Ewoks, and finally we have the ultimate battle of good against evil as the Emperor and Vaders attempt to turn Luke to the dark side draws to a dramatic conclusion. All the above plus more battles, more characters and more entertainment than I've ever been used to in one film. To think I was only a 1 year old when this was first released is amazing as the graphics, script and acting is far better than anything in modern day. It tests the limits of all emotions, with its tragic death scenes, joyous triumphs in battles, and continuous humour throughout, it literally has everything. It's possibly my favourite because all the previous films ask a lot of questions, whereas this one finally gives us all the answers in a well thought out completion of the jigsaw. I've watched this several times, and I do believe there are no loose ends, just a few cringeworthy moments knowing the few occasions when Luke and Leia kissed in previous episodes, and all along they were brother and sister - So as I was saying, this film does have everything, incest and all! On occasions I do still wish I could make alternative endings, one where Vader turns good again, or Boba Fett doesn't die so easily, but in truth, this is one movie franchise that just shouldn't ever be tampered with - Simply legendary.

Brandon J (kr) wrote: It had it's funny scenes, but had really dumb characters. I get the characters and thought it was funny at first, but gets annoying after already seeing Man of Mystery, and then watching the same thing happen again.