The residents of a town displaced by an industrial accident agree to take over a failing mining base on the Moon as their new place to live and work. Their first big test comes in the form of a wave of radiation from a massive solar flare.

The residents of a town displaced by an industrial accident agree to take over a failing mining base on the Moon as their new place to live and work. Their first big test comes in the form of a wave of radiation from a massive solar flare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shonna N (us) wrote: Forest of deathThis movie rocks! It's got every emotional responses from me. Has parts that are scary, sad, and passionant. Since this was an Asian movie we had to read subtitles. that was the only problem I could find with it. The fog In the forest was so creepy and you bond with the characters. The plot was scientificly realistic and had great dialog. there wasn't a dullMoment and wasn't very predictable either. Can't wait to see more of the same movies!

Roxie G (nl) wrote: good movie - great family film

Milena S (fr) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous. The girl, who is only 14 mind you, has vast knowledge of medical fields and is *spoilers* able to castrate a man alone. She is so unrealistic for somebody her age, and in the end I felt worse for the pedophile. NOT recommended !

Alexander Z (es) wrote: File this under the small amount of police dramas where you may legitimately not see the twists coming. However, watching Keanu trying to play a street-smart antihero cop can at times be painful.

Tim B (mx) wrote: A rip off of Jurassic Park with some soap opera elements for good measure. Bleh.


Matt H (gb) wrote: It started out really well, but after the first half hour devolves into a routine monster-slasher.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Decent little who dun it.

Luke B (au) wrote: Typical 50's horror monster movie. Using radiation and nuclaer testing as a device rather than a talking point it is a mix between the Godzilla films and King Kong. It tries to cram a lot into 80 minutes with the initial mystery, discovery, attack, plan, big attack and final confrontation. It certainly has big ambitions and shows brief glimpses of an empty London almost 50 years before 28 Days Later. The effects aren't too distracting or laughable but the constant use of singular shots is. The Brits are so frightfully British but luckily not to the point of stereotypical parody. Needless radiation rays that look like a cheap cartoon and some stupid actions (What's that goo there? May as well stick your hand in it) sometimes lower the credibility of this film but overall it's a pleasurable B movie.

alex H (it) wrote: What a classic!!! Mills and Attenborough at their finest. They turned what was always belived to be a great defeat seem in some way a great succes in the way that 100's of thousands of Britsh lives where saved. a great epic of a film. WOW!!!

Robert B (au) wrote: Blithe Spirit (David Lean, 1945)David Lean is one of those "all the pros are really in love with this guy" directors whose films I rarely seem to get round to watching. This confuses me somewhat, because when I do watch a Lean film, I find it immensely enjoyable; I've only seen two so far, but Lawrence of Arabia, as of this writing, is sitting at #121 on my all-time top 1000 list, and Blithe Spirit entered the list at #541. Both are phenomenal pictures. A stage performance of Blithe Spirit had just closed its run right across the street from where I work a couple of weeks before I sat down to watch the movie; by the time it was over, I was kicking myself for not having gone to see the play. That strikes me as the best recommendation I can give the silly, wonderful thing.Charles Condomine (My Fair Lady's Rex Harrison) and his new wife Ruth (The Criminal Code's Constance Cummings) have moved back into the old pile after the honeymoon. The only problem is, the ghost of Charles' late first wife, Elvira (Two on a Doorstep's Kay Hammond), is still very much around and causing mischief for the happy couple. Charles, distressed by the goings-on, hires the medium Madame Arcati (the wondrous comic actress Margaret Rutherford) to get to the bottom of things-which just makes Elvira all the more determined to pursue her ulterior agenda...As you can tell by the first paragraph, I am shockingly unfamiliar with the work of David Lean. But between this and Lawrence, which are such entirely different pieces of work, I find it hard to believe the man could have done anything wrong. Lawrence is a massive four-hour (admittedly quite doctored) biopic, epic in every way, dramatic and sweeping and saturated with those brilliant, brilliant colors. This movie is its polar opposite in every way-lean, slapstick, looking almost colorized, intimate and packed with impeccable comic timing. The ending is a bit of a downer-no, wait, that's the wrong word for it. Compared to the rest of the movie, quality-wise, the ending is a bit of a downer; it's the one place where Lean steps over the line from brilliant slapstick into cheesiness (it's Jerry Lewis as opposed to the Preston Sturges of the rest of the film). But that doesn't matter much, because the rest of it is so good. Well worth your time. *** 1/2