Plymouth Adventure

Plymouth Adventure

The story of the voyage of the "Mayflower" in its historic voyage across the Atlantic to the New World. The passenger list includes John Alden and Priscilla Mullins among those who made the 96-day storm-filled crossing. Along the way the Captain has an ill-starred romance with the wife of a religious fanatic that ends in a sudden, dramatic way off the coast of Cape Cod.

Trials and tribulations beset the one hundred odd settlers that journey to Virginia in 1620 including unexpectedly arriving in Plymouth, Massachusetts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David F (ru) wrote: ~Vera Cruz(TM) is a stylishly shot though somewhat stereotypical western about a group of Americans recruited by the Emperor Maximilian to help escort a countess to the port of Vera Cruz. One of those Americans, Joe Erin, is played by a smiling Burt Lancaster as a smarmy, greedy, selfish, schemer who lives by the following motto, which he took from a man who ran a gambling join in Laredo whom he later murdered: Don(TM)t take any chances you don(TM)t hafta, don(TM)t trust anybody you don(TM)t hafta trust and don(TM)t do no favours you don(TM)t have to do.? Erin(TM)s is the most cynical possible world view and when he discovers the three million dollars worth of gold under the floorboards of the stagecoach meant to buy more troops and supplies for the increasingly tenuous Mexican emperor which is the true cargo he(TM)s been enlisted to protect he immediately begins to plot a way to steal the gold. With him is Ben Trane, an ex-Confederate soldier who, like Joe, has come to Mexico to earn his stake but unlike Joe has some feeling for human dignity which makes him vulnerable to sympathizing with the native Juaristas who are fighting against the European born and supported Emperor Maximilian. I can(TM)t even begin to explain all of the scheming and plotting that goes on among the Americans, the Mexicans and the members of the Emperor(TM)s court and it(TM)s frankly difficult to keep track of all the alliances and double crossing. But it all comes down to the kind of shoot-out that Sergio Leone put under the microscope a few years later in classics like ~Once Upon a Time in the West.(TM) This is the source material for later revisionist Westerns which have more depth and more focused themes. It(TM)s all here, from gunplay, to shooting contests, to pinned-down wagon trains. Erin helpfully wears black throughout the film, just in case his casual taking of child hostages doesn(TM)t clue the audience into his fundamentally evil nature, but Lancaster has a lot of fun playing this bad guy who has a sort of pure unadulterated love of gold. Gary Cooper(TM)s Ben Trane balances things out with his values which are grounded in humanity while the court of Maximilian is decadent and riding for a fall. Some of the direction rises above the material, like a shot of Erin(TM)s black hat foregrounded in front of a panorama of white clad Mexican revolutionaries, vividly cutting off this greedy, selfish character from the brotherhood of man, and the whole film was shot in Mexico making for an authentic setting and atmosphere for this story of greed and betrayal. But it(TM)s an otherwise representative 1950s Western that doesn(TM)t offer much in the way of originality in theme, character or plot.

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