Pociag do Hollywood

Pociag do Hollywood

A young woman is bitten by the acting bug after seeing Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot". She patterns herself after MM and after finishing high school goes for screen tests to the Film ...

A young woman is bitten by the acting bug after seeing Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot". She patterns herself after MM and after finishing high school goes for screen tests to the Film ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan H (nl) wrote: Just a fun movie, very superficial, nonetheless enjoyable.

Linda B (ru) wrote: Copier coller du 1er avec un peu moins de peps et de claques

Joshua L (mx) wrote: Fun concept. IT was a different kinda superhero movie. Not bad, Not great.

Emmanuel A (br) wrote: Congrats to the Phil movie industry for making the move "Unofficially Yours" it is by far near to international standards. The plot, the script and the castings are beautifully crafted....best liner if you ask me..." I can never mend your heartache, not me, not your ex, not anybody can make you trust and love again. It will always be you.... What I can only do is simply LOVE you and wait for the day that you too can love again..."-Macky... :)

Joe K (mx) wrote: funny guy. not my FAVORITE but hes good

Gena D (gb) wrote: will give it a chance

Robert A (nl) wrote: best movie of all time

Michael M (br) wrote: The gorgeous scenery is Alberta and British Columbia and the urban settings were Gas Town, Vancouver. The film itself is overwrought and right out of a Mills & Boone novel. And Brad Pitt's hair!! Where was his adviser when he was let loose with this 'look'? Long hippy-dippy hair does not necessarily denote a wild man. Save your money and get "The Horse Whisperer" if you want a better story and equally superb locations.

Allan C (it) wrote: Produced and written by disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, this 80s action vehicle for Dolph Lundgren casts him as Soviet special forces soldier fighting in the middle east who, of course, decides he's fighting for the bad guys (i.e. the dirty commies). This film was at least smarter than the similar cold war action in "Rambo 3" where John Rambo goes up against the commies in Afghanistan, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban. Abramoff at least had the sense to set it in Africa and not get caught up in arab politics where allies and enemies change on a at the drop of a hat. To this film's own merits, Dolph is a solid 80s action hero, you also get the great M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting part as an American reporter, and competently directed by Joseph Zito ("The Prowler" and "Missing in Action"). It's not an 80s classic, but if you're Jonesing for some 80s style action, this is a pretty solid bit of entertainment.

Chayc (gb) wrote: An 80's romp trying to masquerade as something more serious. It's an 80's style, stereotypically male take on a menage a troi. Very pretty to look at.

Tootsie K (nl) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid, but I only remembered the last story. Now that I'm older I love them all. very fun times.

Lee B (ca) wrote: Great movie...only surpassed in the series by the larger budgeted sequel.

Del T (ag) wrote: Bright, lively, comedic fun. Musical and comedy filmmaking legend, Stanley Donen, retired after directing this overlooked gem. Police Academy came out at the same time, and ended up stealing most of the comedy dollars in Spring 1984, but of the two, this is the one I still remember most, and revisit. Still funny as ever. Buddies Michael Caine and Joseph Bologna's take their families on vacation in Rio. Things turn complicated as Bologna's stunningly gorgeous 17 year old daughter, Michelle Johnson, who is madly in love with 43 year old Caine, makes her move. He tries his best to resist her charms, but one drunken night on the beach, he gives in to temptation. Caine can't bear to face his friend, and hilarity escalates as Bologna is determined to find and kill the guy who took advantage of his daughter, and Caine desperately tries to hide his guilt, all the while trying to fight off further advances from Michelle, but knows he's doomed. A pre implant, Demi Moore, plays Caine's daughter, and provides some sobering advice to her dad, and he makes the valid point that she is more mature than he is. Abundant female nudity ( it is Rio after all ), laugh out loud sexual hijinks, creatively embarrassing situations, beautiful location shooting, all anchored by one of Caine's funniest performances. And I loved the narrative device of the characters breaking the third wall, giving their own running commentary, directly to the audience. Commentary that turns bittersweet towards the end, but it's the right approach by Donen. He ends his film career on a high note.

Matthew B (jp) wrote: An American priest decides to attend a school for exorcism in Italy where he meets Father Lucas Trevant. This movie was directed by the Mikael Hfstrm who bought us the 2007 film 1408 and that movie was a refreshing horror flick with some really chilling and creepy scenes, But this movie is not that scary, actually this movie was kind of boring in some parts. Anthony Hopkins was great in the movie but the movie lacks on scares and the story has been done before so many times that it is getting old.

David M (nl) wrote: While perhaps better known today for his ads for Coors, Jean Claude Van Damme actually had a string of (semi) successful movies in the 80s and 90s.One of those movies is this which, if memory serves, even provided the template for a short-lived TV series. In this, JCVD works as an agent for a top-secret government agency which has been set up to regulate time travel (supposedly discovered in 1994, with him working out of the then-futuristic 2004). Of course, as is de rigeur for this type of movie, he has a tragedy in his past which (by the end of the film) has been righted, as well as the villains defeated and the day saved! This is no Terminator (or Back to the Future), but maybe worth watching if you're in the mood for a bit of bargain-basement sci-fi action.