Point of Fear

Point of Fear

When Mark, Parker, Melissa, and Karen decide to go camping in the small town of Pleasant Point, they find the town has much to offer... including a string of brutal murders. When Melissa is...

When Mark, Parker, Melissa, and Karen decide to go camping in the small town of Pleasant Point, they find the town has much to offer... including a string of brutal murders. When Melissa is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Till S (nl) wrote: Dam dam dada dam dam dada dam dam ......the best in the series !

Chantelle K (gb) wrote: Worst film I've ever seen, wish i could erase it from my memory

Lois W (de) wrote: WTF is this bullshit??

Diganta B (ag) wrote: Dull making of an interesting story.

Jake M (br) wrote: Tangled (2010): is Disney's 50th animated feature as well as their first disney princess movie to be made entirely in CGI. In my opinion, it's one of the most charming and irresistible animated movies that Disney has put out in a long time. The story is based off of the well known fairytale of Rapunzel but it's just wonderful on how Disney took the story and incorporated many fascinating elements that make it an amazing experience. The movie is also not afraid to go dark in some scenes and their are also a great deal of action packed scenes to speed up the pace. The characters are a lot of fun and have a great amount of time devoted to giving them personality and charm. Rapunzel is quirky and naive while also having a great amount of free spiritedness. Flynn Rider A.K.A Eugene has a lot of funny moments being a thief but his change of heart is what admire most about his character. Maximus and Pascal are great for balancing the mood and they have a nice deal of cute and funny scenes. Mother Gothel is an very entertaining and threatening villain. I like how she replicates the traits from past female Disney villains. Flynn and Rapunzel's relationship is one of the biggest highlights in the entire movie. Their chemistry is charming and I really like how they share about each other's feeling when they start to become closer. The animation is amazing and the color palate they use is eye popping and lovely. It works the best during the "I see the light" sequence where there is a thousand lanterns lifted in the sky and the overall mood is uncontrollably lovely and amazing. There are also a lot of great details when it comes to Mother Gothel's tower, The German kingdom and even the scenery of the forest in general. They all just splendid to look at. The Music, much like the movie is lovely and irresistible. A lot of the songs are catchy as well as fun to listen to. They surprisingly help expand on the character's feelings and each of them feel very identifiable to whoever is singing. I also kinda like how some of the songs like "When will my life begin", use the acoustic guitar. This helps give the music a sort of modern upbeat like style which is kinda cool to see Disney do. I have no problem in saying that I absolutely love this movie. It has become one of my favorite Disney princess movies for quite some time and it just has everything that a great fairytale movie should have (A)

John W (de) wrote: the first 15 minutes contain every bad cliche in the book, can't say about the rest of the movie. 15 minutes was my max.

Tim G (es) wrote: I did enjoy romancing the stone where Kathleen Turner plays a novelist who must rescue her sister in Columbia eventually turner runs into a adventurer potrayed by Michael Douglas who helps her out

Dan N (kr) wrote: Weird - probably missed the boat with this one. Should have seen it years ago - might have appreciated it more.

Matt M (ru) wrote: Brad and Janet become cntestants and then captives of a TV game show. Incredibly disappointing sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, winds up looking like a strange unforgivable mess of self-plagiarism.