Pokémon Heroes

Pokémon Heroes

Two thieves take control of an ancient weapon designed to defend the canal city of Altomare.

Two thieves take control of an ancient weapon designed to defend the canal city of Altomare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hans H (ca) wrote: It's plot isn't as inventive as the original three, or even the fourth one, and the same goes to its traps. Some clever twists and overall good performances cannot save this film from being the most lackluster installment yet.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Terrible movie. Skinwalkers is a cheap, boring, unoriginal, poorly acted rip-off of Underworld. The storyline is stupid, horribly written, and so packed full of clichs you would think it's being sold at Costco. The special effects and action sequences are terrible, horribly executed, and poorly thought out. The performances are god-awful, not even the kid delivering a good one.

John B (us) wrote: 5 Fingers is a great thriller on a par with Hitchcock's Diplomatic Immunity. One of the best early depictions of spycraft smack dab in the middle of the Cold War.

Nyk P (ru) wrote: A film that was ahead of it's time for it's sheer interactivity, I've watched it several times on DVD. with the option to hear different characters or even watch completely different scenes, It's completely possible to watch this film from either the victims or the villains perspective. That in itself makes up for the Big Brother rip off plot, It's still well worth a watch... 7/10.Do prepare to sit with the remote in your hand switching from angle to angle and from audio stream to audio stream, for best results.

Stephen H (au) wrote: The film where Captain Kirk dies twice. Data gets a sense of humour with hilarious and predictable consequences. Trek captains horse riding and cooking! Not sure even how the nexus worked or how they got there

R J (de) wrote: Very fitting end for this show. In retrospect, would have been more interesting if Zack told Kelly about losing the money in jail and turned to pimping Kelly and Lisa out to pay for the wedding.

David P (mx) wrote: Very good film that arouses my interest in director Carl Franklin and actor Bill Paxton, who really make this a transcendent film. Two great villains named Ray Malcolm and Pluto, a wonderful twist, and a terrific last fifteen-twenty minutes that is sure to erase all doubts about the film's quality (if there are any). My third favorite use of harmonica in film, coming in right under "The Killer" and "Once Upon A Time In The West". Highly recommended.

Emma W (br) wrote: A-Mazing, great version of Hamlet, watch it with the captions on though, so as not to miss anything. Must watch it again i think i missed some of the conversations.

Matt C (ag) wrote: Along with Biggles and Back to the Future I had this on readalong cassette as a kid so it's tricky to be impartial. This really is great fun though, it doesn't try to be a prequel (it even makes it clear at beginning and end) but you can really tell the love is there for SH. Watson in particular is a brilliant comedy character and the classic Holmes plot of murderous Egyptians works a treat. Great stuff.

Kit T (ca) wrote: Put your hands up Rock.

Jarryd R (it) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Alexander C (es) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Tyler H (au) wrote: Unlike it's predecessor, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle lacks any wit and charm with its mediocre and lazy script, lazy action scenes, and over-reliance on action and special effects. Its original cast including Bernie Mac as Bosley, were wasted on the mediocrity of this god-awful sequel. I feel like the people behind this movie, including McG seemed to forget that this is still based off of the 1970s classic TV show like the previous movie. If the movie didn't suffer from any of these problems, this sequel wouldn't be bad.

Movie K (it) wrote: One of the best from Alfred Hitchcock. Enjoyable suspense and great casts. Ray Milland is ex-tennis pro who married wealthy Grace Kelly. She have an affair with Robert Cummings but she ended it. After a year he return, Grace said she burnt all their letters except one which was stolen by a guy who blackmail her for $50. She paid but it wasn't returned. She also can't divorce Ray as she don't want to hurt him. Ray knew their affair all along and was the one who stole the letter and pretend blackmailer. He plot the murder of her for money. Ray find a former classmate Anthony Dawson who is now a petty criminal for the job. Anthony has many secrets Ray got hold of and he has to obey. Ray make use of the return of Robert to plan the murder. On the night the 2 men goes out, Ray took her key and put it outside the stairs carpet for Anthony to open the door. Ray call back home after 11pm just when Anthony is about to leave because the phone didn't ring before that as planned. Grace answer the phone for Anthony to strangle her from behind. She put up a fight and accidentally kill him with a scissors. Ray think of plan B now to frame the murder of Anthony onto Grace. Make it look like she kill the blackmailer. Ray plant the stolen love letter on Anthony and burns the murder weapon (a scarf) to replace with her stocking. And put back the key into Grace handbag. John Williams is the inspector investigating. He begin to believe the evidence and Grace stands trial, guilty of murder. Ray sure didn't expected that the key in Anthony pocket is his own apartment. The $1000 bounty he spend on things is notice by the police. A day before execution, Robert talk to Ray and hope he can save her by changing the story, make it he planted the stuffs and all. John question Ray again on the money he spending. Robert is hiding in the room and came across the suitcase of money. Ray lied that it is the money Grace want to pay to Anthony but change her mind. John use the key in Grace handbag to try open the door but it can't. He found the real key under the carpet. In the last resort, John took Ray's coat instead and left. He return after Ray left and ask for release of Grace back to the apartment. Grace try to open the door but cannot so John clear her of suspicion.Ray returning but can't open the door since the key is not his. He find the key under the carpet and open the door. Everyone is inside. He knew his game is up. Grace is devastated.