Pokémon: The Movie 2000

Pokémon: The Movie 2000

Ash Ketchum must gather the three spheres of fire, ice and lightning in order to restore balance to the Orange Islands.

Ash Ketchum must gather the three spheres of fire, ice and lightning in order to restore balance to the Orange Islands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pokémon: The Movie 2000 torrent reviews

noah m (nl) wrote: Had to watch Halloween to remind me what scary was

Jason T (jp) wrote: disappointing, very thin script all been done before not a patch on reservoir dogs......

Burak S (nl) wrote: The man with celebral palsy... M. Sheen is a real great talent.

Zac S (br) wrote: Strange, low budget and dark comedy from a perpetually perky star. Can't reccomend it, unless you're truly curious about Pam before The Office.

Aaron W (br) wrote: As is often the case, the U.S. translated title for this Argentinian import is a bit misleading. ?Intimate Stories? sounds more like a late-night, adult oriented, cable series. The literal translation is ?Minimal Stories?, which is far more fitting, but perhaps less marketable in America?s fast-paced, short attention span culture. The tone is soft, the pace slow (but not boringly so), the plot simple and character driven. The picture isn?t overly edited or extravagantly lighted, but instead possesses a natural look and feel that reflects the minimalistic lives of the characters whose stories it conveys. Historias mnimas invites us into the lives of three characters, all living in the same remote, miniscule Argentian town. One day they separately discover the need to visit a nearby metropolis, San Julian, for distinct, somewhat unusual reasons. One story is about Maria Flores (Javiera Bravo), a young recent mother, whose name has been drawn in a raffle for a popular game show in the area. She must visit San Julian to appear on television and collect her prize, which could be anything from a microprocessor to an all expense-paid vacation to Brazil. Roberto (Javier Lombardo), a travelling salesperson wishes to surprise a certain, special someone, by remembering the day of her son?s (or daughter?s) birthday, and spoiling the child with an extravagant, custom-designed cake. The only thing is, he?s not certain of the age or gender of this child, and struggles to find a cake that won?t potentially embarrass him or her. Finally there is Don Justo Benedictis, the elderly owner of the town?s only grocery spot. Someone informs him that they recently saw his old dog, Badface, in San Julian. Longing for some companionship now that his son runs the business, and having not seen the dog in three years, he decides to go claim the dog. After being dismissed as delusional by his son, Don leaves in the middle of the night and decides to make the 200-mile trek to San Julian alone, on foot. We are drawn to these characters by their unique, sometimes endearing characteristics, which also provides the film with most of its humor. For instance, Don has the uncanny ability to move his ears up and down, much to the delight of the local children who frequent his store. He also has a strange fondness for a pair of bright yellow hiking boots, which he calls tennis shoes. He likes the comfort they provide for him, and cares little for how odd they look. Roberto is, in some ways, a stereotypical travelling salesperson due to his unnatural optimism and alluring charm. He lives and breathes the motivational literature he reads, even if it seems trite to others. He encounters several characters along the way, usually with peculiar baking requests. Even though some of his demands may seem silly, unreasonable even, his personality wins everyone over and they go out of their way to serve him, sometimes without pay. Maria?s quirk, if it can be called that, is her youthful timidity and an innocent naivety towards the ways of the world. Simply making a long distance phone call is a difficult undertaking for her, which makes her eventual television appearance curiously funny. This character-based humor is an effective development tool, plus it allows an otherwise uneventful story to progressly rather smoothly. Historias works on other levels as well, such as the contrast of drab, rural living with the lures and luxuries of a bustling life in the city. Cute misunderstandings of technology, such as the early on interpretation of a microprocessor as a do-it-all kitchen appliance, convey this cultural divide. Yet, at the core, there is a yearning for simplicity and tradition. This lack of sophistication makes these characters multi-dimensional. They aren?t influenced by the pop culture that surrounds them (and us), which gives them more of their own identity. When they are exposed to something foreign to them, they find impracticality rather than attraction. For instance, when Don is picked up by a professional biologist, he is uncomfortable, somewhat appalled even, in her company. She claims to study life, but doesn?t seem to know much about dogs, plus listens to strange music that might as well come from another planet. The prevailing theme throughout the movie is a rejection of the oddities that come with urban, civilized life, and a preference for a less stimulating, but overall more satisfying quiet life. Historias Minimas is a terrific, minimalistic character study, rich in emotion and depth. It isn?t overly self-indulgent, but instead accessible, cute, and pleasing on a level that touches our own sense of nostalgia. There have been hundreds of movies that show how people don?t appreciate what they truly possess in life, but few strike home with such precision. Fortunately, the story is left relatively open-ended. Again, the translated title fits perfectly, but not just the tone of the movie. It fits the characters themselves. So long as their stories remain minimalistic, we know enough about the characters to know that they will weather any adversity that comes their way.

Film C (de) wrote: I really wanted to watch this movie and now that i've seen it i am not disappointed!Its going to be a Marmite kind of film, your either going to Hate it with a passion or just absolutely Love it !Me personally i Loved it! I thought it was original, written extremely well, it was acted beautifully which isn't a shock when its such a great cast! Its nice to see that Polanski has done one better than Ghost Writer as that was a truly dreadful movie! Its made beautifully and it sticks to the true form of being a play, which is great! Its Just a good movie that is thoroughly enjoyable and i just loved the ending a true play form which i loved!

Cheyenne (au) wrote: I don't like how it turned out in the end.

Hameh S (it) wrote: pretty freaky it was cool

Oscar R (kr) wrote: Here is a movie with a non expected end, that's a plus!

Victor C (it) wrote: lame..the first was way way better

Michael T (kr) wrote: Tedious and rather ridiculous.

Mathew S (de) wrote: Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of this story is that Johnson's need to get away from civilization is never put on display. Instead, he keeps his justification to himself, yet his experiences are always there in his eyes. His pain is expertly carried by Redford, and that's all before the movie is five minutes in. The rest of the story is the stuff of legend.

Skilled S (it) wrote: happy feet has great animation its funny and has a original story

Ed D (kr) wrote: This film right here is responsible for my complete rejection of every film critic's opinion. This was slated across the board, booed at the Venice film festival and forgotten at the box office. Oh, so it must be bad, right?WRONG. Film buffs would have you believe it's the one of the best, if not the best, film of 2006. Go on any movie message board, any film community, and it will feature in 2006's Top 10 for about 95% of the users. It's a cult hit, and it should rightfully become a cult classic in years to come.The film is comprised of three intertwining, yet closely related plot strands concerning one man's quest, that is Hugh Jackman, to save the life of his love (Rachel Weisz). We have three storylines: one set in Spain, the present day, and a futuristic space bubble. As the films progresses and realisations become clear, the three stories grow unified into one man's singular journey, concerned with the rights or wrongs and the consequences or rewards of the conclusions he reaches within each context.Jackman and Weisz put it stellar turns in their three roles. Brad Pitt was originally intended for the male lead, however I really think nobody on Earth could have done this better than Jackman; some of the facial expressions he wears are literally haunting, and he works well with his surreal environments in communicating across the anguish and suffering he is experiencing.The movie originally had a 70 million budget, back in its Brad Pitt days, but it since got slashed to 35. You can't tell. Along with Amadeus, this is one I wish I'd seen on the big screen. My first viewing of this was with couch placed directly in front of the TV, ready to go through a tolerable feature after enduring a weekend of Mr and Mrs Smith, and The Holiday. I sat right in front of the TV, blown away by what I saw. A lot of the space segments look as if they must have cost a shitload, when in actual fact a lot of the backdrops are merely closeups of microorganisms inside petrie dishes. Nice. You need to pay as much attention to detail to the mise en scene as Aronofsky does, there's a lot to take on board about the shapes and colours of each time scenario.It's not just that the film looks good, it has a message as well. I won't say what this is because the journey to the conclusion is infinitly rewarding, and the final meaining is highly poignant. The combination of aspects from various religions and practices elevates this into deeply spiritual territory, allowing you to ask yourself some questions of whether you're able to cope with the same truth of The Fountain, if you've ever been faced with a similar scenario. There's a line Jackman whispers when he reaches his realisation at the end of the movie. I don't want to repeat it for fear of spoiling the end, but it stays with you. People would have you belive that there's an abundance of confusion within The Fountain; that you can't tell what's happening half the time. This assessment really baffles me - I followed it to its end, interpreting everything correctly and taking on board the reasoning behind the final destination of each of the three Jackmans. You don't need to run to the Internet to figure out what the Conquistador's fate means, or what the significance of the man in the bubble really is. It's plain to see, and if you can see it clearly, you will feel rewarded.The Fountain is overall a moving, poignant and meaningul masterpiece from the man that brought you Pi and Requiem for a Dream and it deserves to be remembered as such. Some day in the future, I hope it can get the widespread recognition it deserves, and not just the cult adoration it receives today.