Poker King

Poker King

Although Randy's family is involved in the casino business, he has never shared an interest in gaming until he played Texas Hold 'Em on the Internet. Rival Uno is the manager at Randy's casion. These two bitter enemies will now face off in the Asian Poker King Championships.

Although Randy's family is involved in the casino business, he has never shared an interest in gaming until he played Texas Hold 'Em on the Internet. Rival Uno is the manager at Randy's casion. These two bitter enemies will now face off in the Asian Poker King Championships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thom B (au) wrote: 'On Any Sunday' made me want to ride my motorcycle. 'Why We Ride' made me want to hug my motorcycle. Overdone in feelings but ultimately lacking in substance. When it was over I thought 'amazing', but a week late it was forgotten. If you don't ride, this movie will make you want to ride!... for a week or so.

Julia L (ca) wrote: Silly and over the top, like most French comedies, this is an instantly forgettable bit of oversugared fluff. Shame about Tautou wasting her time with this, while the "other" young French star, Cotillard, already managed to win an Oscar and is currently surpassing her in fame (and remarkable filmography).

Ivy K (it) wrote: No surprise and Laughing gor cannot show his manlike in this movie.

Benjamin W (au) wrote: Brilliantly plotted.

Tom F (jp) wrote: Really genuinely moving. Have not stopped thinking about this one since I saw it.

Serge C (nl) wrote: It's strange to hear people defending medieval forms of tortures as "saving lives". But is this all worth if America succumbs to the level of Gestapo to achieve its objectives ? I happen to have watched recently a French movie called "Army of Crime" where it shows how French Resistance members were tortured by the Nazi Police to attain information. And of course, they were labelled "terrorists", and indeed, in an effort to kill a Nazi high commander French Resistance may have killed innocent bystanders too. However, my point is not too exonerate terrorists, but to ask how people can be so blase about the use of torture. To paraphrase a popular quote: "Those who sacrifice basic human dignity (yes, even for terrorists!) for some temporary security, deserve neither"

Maya S (kr) wrote: an accurate portrayal of urban living and the relationships formed in such an environment. very beautifully shot and acted!

Tommie F (ag) wrote: Really stylish, weird, creepy, but great Japanese film!Loved it!

Alec L (ag) wrote: A very popular and enjoyable family film, School of Rock ultimately mires itself in the same trap of sympathy which harms comedies. Jack Black is the only thing that makes this film work, a testament to his ability considering the lack of much to work with in the script and the rest of the cast.

Alban B (mx) wrote: What a breathtaking MASTERPIECE !

Sweet Poetic R (mx) wrote: crazy in alabama reminds me of how much racism is still very much alive in the in 1965, all the negro childrens wanted was to swim in the public pool and it cost one of them their lives...taylor jackson, a black child died because a redneck racist cop pulled taylor down so hard onto the pavement that it killed him dead....and then on top of that the racist white cop tried to say that it was an accident, but one white boy peejo saw everything and told it.....and also this movie was about how one lady lucille killed her husband and decapitate his head from his body and carried around with her everywhere, even on the set with her while she acted in california...her husband was very abusive and mean to her and her their kids...she got fed up and killed him....then she skipped town and she was free for a little while until she was captured....I guess that crazy in alabama is the correct name for this movie.....crazy people with crazy way of thinking...some people are still stuck in the dark ages....and they need to wake up...make up...stop hating...before it's too late....before they meet their maker...God....get their hearts are a few quotes that i really liked from this can bear freedom, but you can't kill it....taylor jackson died for freedom and aunt lucille had to kill to get and death are only temporary but freedom goes on forever....and that is so true....a very good movie indeed...there are some good people in this world....a few bad apples can't spoil it for the rest....had a good ending too....also that racist cop got arrested too......

Simon D (gb) wrote: This has Larry David down to a tee. The master of Ironic comedy, of petit mindedness, and sometimes, refreshingly sensible satire. Despite this seeming to be pretty low budget, it's funny and keeps your attention throughout. Like curb your enthusiasm you can relate to the situations in this film and David shows you what can happen if you do what you really want, not what your politeness leads you to do.

Eric J (ag) wrote: Enjoyed this film, it was hard to understand sandlers humour as an outsider of his films, but I laughed a lot.

Troy C (fr) wrote: What is it about a boy and his dog that we find so appealing? Once again, the simple bonding between a young man and a faithful stray is the basis for another story of courage and adventure in ``Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog.''Set in today's Pacific Northwest, a young teen by the name of Angus (Jesse Bradford) falls for a lovable mutt that wanders on to the property one day. With a combination of manners, rambunctiousness and loyalty, the dog soon works his way into the family's hearts. Thus, when father and son take to the sea to deliver some supplies down the coast, Yellow Dog comes along.An unexpected storm capsizes the modest craft, leaving Angus and Yellow to fare for themselves until help comes. Well versed in survival practices, the pair manage quite well for the first few days after reaching shore. But when the rescue party fails to materialize after many days, the choice is made to strike out on their own for home. The resulting trip is a grueling and tiring trek; laden with confrontation and disappointment.Writer/director Phillip Borsos has an easy style that tells his story economically. He touches on a lot of bases; covering family life, young love, wilderness adventure and the power of nature. Despite his capable hand, his story seems like a hodge-podge of scenes from past films. The basic premise draws direct comparisons to Disney's ``Old Yeller'', while the numerous adventures are distilled from any number of similar stories.The oddest thing about the film is the way in which the high points, ie. thrills, repeatedly build to a peak without any resolution. Dangers faced appear and disappear without any real purpose other than to provide something for the advertisers to put in their commercials.This makes the film tame enough for kids (PG rating), but leaves the story drawn out and unexplained at times. If it weren't for the praiseworthy values embodied by the family's struggle and the rugged beauty of Canada's British Columbia coast, this would be a real snoozer for adults.Bruce Davison and Mimi Rogers offer great support as the refreshingly wholesome, loving parents: a dad who actually spends time teaching his boys crafts, and a mom who displays strength and intelligence without being a corporate business woman.At under an hour and a half, this should be a good matinee film for children. Teens will probably find little to cheer about in the action department as the dangers are quite tame, but hopefully they will find the old-fashioned life depicted a pleasant change from the gang-banging culture so prevalent in contemporary stories. It will definitely remind parents of another age.

Charles A (ru) wrote: David Bowie ist gut. Heroin. Early 80s. Bowie. This movie is way way way under everyone's radar. This shows the late 70's early 80's like it really was. SHOOT UP. FLY AWAY and yes, "I'll have Cherry juice".Make sure you get the German version. The dub'd version is death.

Epifania A (de) wrote: Women without Men is Beautifully atmospheric, but not as poetic as Parsipur's prose.

Deena D (fr) wrote: Although I saw the movie from the middle of it but I really liked the idea. Very spiritual :)

Alex W (ag) wrote: For people in towns like this it certainly will mean more. Overall as a film it was very well done, definitely captured the feel of the story.

Jonathan D (jp) wrote: Impressive makeup, a refreshing anti-commercialism spin, and a few laugh-out-loud moments can't save this film from Jim Carrey's over-hamming, cramped sets, bloated storytelling, and uninspired direction from Ron Howard. All involved have done better. Stick with the animated classic.

Regina M (us) wrote: So glad I watched the film before reading the reviews. Especially touching was the bewilderment that a lost soul trying to find some path (Greg Kinnear) when faced with hypocrisy, corruption and outright lies. It was refreshing to find a charismatic preacher (Pierce Brosnan) who actually seems to believe what he says, or has nearly convinced himself. The rest of the cast deserved more fully developed characters, with that this might have been a truly exceptional comedy.