Poker Run

Poker Run

Robert (Bertie Higgins) and Allan (J.D. Rudometkin) decide to add some excitement to their lives by taking up Harley riding. But things go south when two psychopathic bikers (Robert Thorne and Jay Wisell) kidnap their wives (Debra Hopkins and Jasmine Waltz) and force the men to perform horrific tasks to retrieve their spouses. Now they must enter -- and participate in -- a world of violence they couldn't have imagined in this bloody thriller.

Poker Run - Live to Ride, Ride to DIE! Robert and Allan are two upstanding lawyers, suburbanites, husbands caught in the grip of boring normalcy that sometimes plagues us all - the wife, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose R (jp) wrote: Historia de amor real y desgarradora

Brandon S (de) wrote: This movie was fun, uplifting entertainment that is trying way too hard to be a smart and unique film, and, once you realize that, it's totally enjoyable and a lot of fun to watch. The chemistry between Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts carries the entire film with ease even when it divulged into a menagerie of romance cliches and poorly paced editing. I challenge anyone to watch this movie and not have a big, sappy smile slapped on your face! A sweet movie and a fun watch one time around!

Shawn M (de) wrote: Hypnotising, depressing and very entertaining. Cillian is an amazing actor.

Hank Q (gb) wrote: absolutely horrendous, reminded me of "Frances Ha" but even more infuriating, makes you wanna smack Michelle Williams the entire time! Ugh!

David W (gb) wrote: Beautiful,but predictable

Pink L (kr) wrote: uuuuuhhhhhhhhh...... whatever. not wasting my time watching two hores get it on after 40 years. wasnt cool then. not gonna be cool now!

Luke S (gb) wrote: lol another of the funni's lol

Greg W (nl) wrote: rough powerful great stuff

Veronica B (de) wrote: The cover looks better than the movie. At least it kept me intrigued. The blood scenes weren't bad. The "Beaver" character was funny.

Cody B (br) wrote: This movie did not age well, and to be honest, the early aughts were a cultural vacuum, but I laughed really hard a couple of times and that's worth something.

Another V (it) wrote: Writer and director Dan Mazer brings a surprisingly pragmatic love story. There are some funny moments here and there. Overall, I was entertained. I Give it a Year starts with a negative attitude about its newlyweds Nat and Josh. I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to root for or against them. The director himself seemed ambivalent about them. Their families seemed unenthusiastic about their future. Kind of a downer for them, but they had some good months together, and then the little issues between them came up, and more significantly, other options came up.For ambitious career woman Nat, her new option is new client and successful business owner Guy. Josh's new option is his ex-girlfriend Chloe, a free spirit he never truly stopped having feelings for. It soon becomes clear that each is with the wrong partner, and yet...When Josh and Nat finally have their talk about wanting to uncouple, there's no big drama, tears, accusations, name calling, thrown objects, or yelling. It's a pragmatic little talk that makes them both happy, and you see them genuinely caring about each other's happiness, and you're thinking "Isn't caring about each other's happiness halfway to marital success?", but no, the script says it's over, so it's over. These 2 are excited to be free of each other. They agree to divorce in the friendliest warmest possible spirit, then head off together to pursue their new partners.But, it's more complicated than that, because both of their new love interests have hooked up with each other and are about to fly off on a romantic getaway. Oh no! Josh and Nat show up just in time, convince Guy and Chloe in a confused minute or two to choose them instead of each other, and it's....a happy ending? Well, everybody seemed happy, so yes, I suppose it is.Well, I've never seen a romance quite like it. It's slightly baffling, but there are many ways to look at love, and this seems to be one of them. The love in this story is pragmatic, equitable, and forgiving. There is passion and attraction, but it's almost more of a musical chairs variety than something deeper. When the music stops, whichever partner you're across from now is your new partner. Perhaps I'm being unfair.

nikka m (ca) wrote: this mvie is freakin awesome!