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Richard B (kr) wrote: I thought this little independent film about music looked pretty solid so I figured it was worth a shot, and I was glad I did. Billy Crudup is really good in this and it was cool to see him back playing music in a film (like in Almost Famous). The cast is very good and William H. Macy does a good job in his directorial debut as well. The film ended up being more emotional and had more depth than I had expected, but I really was happy about that. Overall I enjoyed this film and the surprises that came along with it.

Matthew A (kr) wrote: I caught this reboot on Amazon, and it wasn't that bad. Considering the negative reviews, I expected much worse. There were moments where I found myself rather entertained and intrigued by the proceedings. Kenneth Branagh did a much better job behind the camera than in front of it. Chris Pine made a decent Jack Ryan, but he's no Harrison Ford, who owned this role in both Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

Mike T (mx) wrote: James Franco has a lot more skill than I used to be aware of. With this film, he shows promise as a writer and director, and proves once again that he is an exceptionally gifted actor. A lot of the material in Good Time Max is recycled, and the narrative focus arguably meanders at times. Nevertheless, I was emotionally compelled by these characters and situations (maybe for personal reasons), and I think the movie's strengths outweigh its weaknesses. Imperfect, to be sure, but very good.

Dawn E (ru) wrote: Excellent movie. Touching and heart warming.

Don S (es) wrote: This rom-com is replete with sophomoric humor and a cookie cutter plot. However, there is good chemistry between Prinze and Stiles and the unexpected (by me) appearance of Ashton Kutcher making this entertaining enough for me.

Justin G (ca) wrote: aside from timothy hutton's performance, which i think was brilliant, this movie was interesting to watch, but overall pretty bad.

Rob L (nl) wrote: Two n(TM)er do wells (one of whom resembles Graham Kelly) tramp the English countryside (near Matlock as it happens) attempting to help people come to terms with their guilty secrets. The cast is largely unknown barring Jason Isaacs playing a Northerner with more than a touch of the Jim Bowens about him. Curious and droll enough to have earned a great many plaudits, Skeletons certainly possesses some wry smile inducing moments, but is occasionally too arch for its own sake. It might have worked well as a Big Train style half hour sketch show and the fact that the real life name of two of the actresses are Paprika and Tuppence is an obstacle one(TM)s prejudice finds hard to overcome.

Charlie M (kr) wrote: Womanizer is caught cheating by his wife who soon attempts to murder him only to see her husband survive each murder attempt in this black comedy.

Genyana M (us) wrote: I didn't like it. I didn't like her.

Paul D (us) wrote: Typical supernatural revenge horror with enough of an edge to it, although not stand-out.

Mahmoud S (jp) wrote: This Is the Arabs Gathered by T.E Lawrence during the Ottoman Empire, in 1917, and he's planning to destroy it. T.E Lawrence, once a great man with a deplorable purpose is sent by the British government amidst the Arab tribes, he will be dominated by their desert lifestyle. He was planning to rupture them while being among them, but O destiny O love, they made him one of them, they made him their leader. Lawrence's leadership seems to hinder him from accomplishing his task, so how did he do it? That's up to the spectator to find. David Lean's prodigal way of filming the desert, from the smallest grain of sand to the Empty Quarter large space, delivers not only the masterpiece of its time but the masterpiece of all time. So why is the movie a big deal? It is one because of the performances given by the 3 all-time stars, O'toole, Sharif and Quinn. This movie is not only a visual entertainment but also an audio entertainment resulted by a strong and audacious screenplay (written by Michael Wilson and Robert Bolt) and the smashing score composed by Maurice Jarre.

Robert W (it) wrote: I thought it was a great movie.