Tamil is a killer for hire, and will accept any contract provided the amount is right. The Police want him for questioning, while the underworld needs him to silence their opponents. No one really knows this assassin's background. It is only Tamil who knows his real identity and he has no intention of sharing it with anyone.

Tamil is a killer for hire with no ties and who will do any dirty job for money. He has a girlfriend who loves him but also detests his violent nature. But is Tamil really what he purports to be? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (us) wrote: While watching the slow act one in the film "Desert Dancer" my mind wandered and I wondered how much shown in a film 'based on a true story' are really events shown as they happened in real life or are they manufactured for the film? Also watching Freida Pinto I thought if this was the old days of the Hollywood movie studios one of them would grab her up, bring her to the States and build her up as the 'next exotic' beauty.Back to the movie, which has three interesting dance sequences, the first showing how Afshin Ghaffarian, played by Reece Ritchie, became interested in dance and how he and Elaleh, Pinto's character, devise dance by starting with the movements of hands. The second is the title dance that takes place in the desert where the dance troupe, hiding what is against the law in Iraq, feel they can dance free without repercussions. The third dance is a solo Ghaffarian does in a Paris Theatre explaining what has happened to him in Iraq and why he can't/won't go back. Did it really happen this way or has 'Hollywood" infiltrated other film makers in other countries and this is 'bending the truth' a little or a lot?"Desert Dancer", directed by Richard Ritchie, is the story of Afshin Ghaffarian, who wanted to become a dancer but knew it wasn't allowed in his country and how he eventually left Tehran and found his dream in Paris. We follow his love story with Elaleh and the dance troupe of 4 consisting of gamin Marama Corlett, friend Tom Cullen and others. During the credits we see, and are told, what happened to Ghaffarian but nothing about the rest of the people we learn about in the film. Is Elaleh a real person or a reel one? If the former what has happened to her? What happened to the others who were involved in his life in Iran and helped him become a dancer? Here I come Bing!"Desert Dancer", at 104 minutes, has a slow set up but a very effective, moving climax.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: Brilliant embodiment by Marion Cotillard, you won't see mere "acting" here - this is a stunning portrayal, and a sad, yet engrossing story of a singer and her rag tag roots. Satisfying and complete, this is an experience to be had.4 tears-in-the-throat ballads out of 5

Barry D (mx) wrote: Really informative movie about the great German believer Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Makes American cultural Christendom look pretty anemic.

Hiatt N (kr) wrote: Halle Berry is an Aristocat, but not this movie.

Jon B (nl) wrote: this had a lot of potential for a great sci-fi fantasy but was crippled by stupid one-liners that make it sound as intelligent as a Van Damme movie. I found myself hating the guy in the lead role, unable to identify with any aspect of his retarded personality, which changed chaotically from knee-jerk angry to big dumbass in every scene. Through all this, the other cast of characters somehow look up to him as a leader. overall, it seems like it was hastily filmed and thrown together. is there a genre term for stock sci-fi?

Darryl V (de) wrote: its a good insight on manhood and discovering the violence that people don't realize they have

Anthony S (ru) wrote: Mesmerizing docu-drama about Salvatore Giuliano. Who was Italian Mafia mobster who becomes a guerilla leader against corrupt politicians. As time passes he becomes less liked turns into a criminal. Well filmed and a must see.

Arnaud L (fr) wrote: Une trs bonne parodie des films de SF...

Fawn O (us) wrote: This raunchy, hormone-induced coming-of-age story exercises its own unique brand of boorish, pimple-y humour teenagers will find readily endearing because, as embarrassing as learning about sex can be, it employs a certain relatable realism that has aged very well over the years. With as many female characters as there are male characters in the main line-up, a hearty foundation is formed making this a solid effort for the teen movie genre. Each character handles sex and intimacy in such vastly different ways. The males, in particular, come to find that sex isn't quite what it has been cracked up to be by their more experienced peers; their first time is likely going to be awkward and nerve-wracking, so they aren't going to be dynamos in bed right away. For some, this may be a hilariously rude awakening.American Pie carries classic gags that successfully appeal to its audience. [B-] -- 68%