Pola X

Pola X

A writer leaves his upper-class life and journeys with a woman claiming to be his sister, and her two friends.

A young writer becomes intrigued with a mysterious dark-haired woman who claims to be his long-lost sister and he begin an unusual relationship with her prompting a downward spiral involving his domineering mother and lovely fiancée . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhijit M (nl) wrote: And you thought Slum dog millionaire was a good movie, wait till you see this.

Andy G (kr) wrote: -Thomas Jane is perfect for this role with the perfect gruff voice.-Matchstick is genuinely creepy.-Elsa Pataky is a hottie.-A little too light, or well-lit, for how dark and noir-like this is.-Interesting how it's an "older" film but new cars drive in and out of it. And they whip out cellphones.-Entertaining, shoot 'em up-er with a good story!

Alberto M (ca) wrote: Half A Person, Half A Movie... jejejeje. No en serio, la pelicula es low budget, por lo que tiene algunos glitches tecnicos. Medianamente entretenida, no es del todo mala. Lo que mas me llamo la atencion es el guion. Un time waster.

Joshua M (fr) wrote: This film is TRULY a hidden gem for Easter, but is it wrong for me to say that I absolutely HATE Rabbit's character in this film, or at the very least until near the end? Say what you guys want, but I would recommend this movie to ANY fan of Winnie the Pooh. Oh, by the way, has anyone else noticed some similarities between this movie and a certain christmas story starring a grouchy old rich guy who gets haunted by three spirits?

Harry W (kr) wrote: 2001 Maniacs is extremely grindhousey in its attempts to entertain, serving up a blood-soaked tribute to cannibalism, college and the confederacy. It's the kind of film you can never work out if you really enjoyed until one afternoon you find yourself itching to watch it again. Whilst the direction is slighty wobbly at times, the performances are really quite wet and the film is kind of exploitave and a little ignorant, it is a lot of fun and its all a matter of preference. An ideal exercise in bad taste, the death scenes are unforgettable as is the rest of the film.

Venkat S (jp) wrote: You know what's going to happen.. yet it's a thriller.

Sanford R (us) wrote: I actually liked the first three, but this one was just lame. Way over the top and its just not that funny anymore. I hope this is the last one.

Luke B (au) wrote: The 90's series makes way for Mothra. This time she's from the cosmos, as are her mini-twin lady friends. We're also introduced to Battra. One of the best things about this film is way each monster teeters between hero and villain. Each has a mission of their own, but they aren't exactly evil. It makes for much more interesting fights, and even a little depth to monster smash ups. The film begins as a strange Indiana Jones adventure film. Crumbling temples, rickety bridges etc. It adds for a little bit of unexpected fun before entering the world we are familiar with. Almost like if a Bond film started with a monster attack. Sure it's cheap and unoriginal, but for a film that has some boxes to tick, it's nice to have some variety. There is a heavy feminine touch to this movie. Toho trying to bring in the ladies to push up the box office receipts. The monsters have a lot more love and care, and we see a broken family at the heart of all this. This film really made me sit up during the destruction scenes. In broad daylight, it still looked real. The filmmakers now confident to compose images of monsters in the background and people in the foreground. It allows for some tremendous shots of absolute chaos, and stops the streets from seeming too empty.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Not terrible, but nothing beats R-rated Kevin Smith.

Emmy J (it) wrote: I think I saw this! I dont remember!

Oliver M (au) wrote: Life was probably like this during the 80:s in Miami. It reminded me a bit of the Cocain Cowboys.

Anne F (jp) wrote: Bob is a gambler, an ex-convict, down on his luck, short of money, but with a heart of gold who decides to solve his problems by stealing a large amount of money from a casino. That sounds like lots of other films so far, but this was charmingly unflashy and didn't end in the way I thought it would.

Greg W (gb) wrote: like the 'cinncinnatti kid' another poker pic

Jakki J (br) wrote: The Marx Brothers are always highly entertaining. This may not be considered one of their best, but it's one of my personal favorites. Perhaps because it was the first film to introduce me to the genius of the Marx Brothers. Although in black and white, you can still imagine a colorful circus setting. I also think "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" is one of their most memorable musical numbers.