The misbehaving public performs for the camera in a half-hour miscellany of misdeeds. In a behind-the-scenes look at the hour-by-hour operation of a large metropolitan police force, this film presents a fair sampling of what keeps Toronto's police officers busy twenty-four hours a day.

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Tracy F (us) wrote: Somewhat interesting but acting was pretty poor.

Ian P (kr) wrote: Awe-inspiring documentary on the industrial machine. It's incredible what human labour goes into construction work and metal recycling.This documentary portrays China's industry in a fairly objective manner. Very interesting.

Derek W (ru) wrote: An excellent screenplay and a superb performance from lead Aaron Eckhart add to the controversial and engaging subject matter which the story is based on, while remaining neutral on the issue.

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David D (ru) wrote: I guess this shouldn't be shown to toilet-training infants.

Austin C (fr) wrote: Acting +Story, i loved M's story arc on how he came from nothing, the problem i have is with the villain and there beaf with M. It very one dimensional. "I don't like you because you hurt my feeling" is what it felt like when I'm trying to watch a hard core movie I excepted the villain to be less butt hurt about life. So half star. Editing/music, the way it was put together was not well paced in my opinion -Kept interest +Recommend, not to everyone, watch again or buy probably not -

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Bill L (br) wrote: A tremendous film that is criminally underrated.

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