Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Officer Carey Mahoney and his cohorts have finally graduated from the Police Academy and are about to hit the streets on their first assignment. Question is, are they ready to do battle with a band of graffiti-tagging terrorists? Time will tell, but don't sell short this cheerful band of doltish boys in blue.

Mahoney and his cohorts have now graduated from their police training and are ready to tackle real criminals. The first assignment for the enthusiastic former cadets is to do battle with band graffiti daubing terrorists. The new lieutenant at the station is not anxious to see them succeed, and begins to roadblock their efforts. Not to be easily outmaneuvered, Mahoney and friends plot an appropriate revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (nl) wrote: The story can be interesting but it doesn't take 2 hrs! Too long and too boring, I was expecting more action but all I got was talk talk talk! Didn't quite get the mark even with such a good cast and acting.

Anne F (gb) wrote: Jean falls in love with his son's teacher. I liked the slow-moving pace of this film, and the way that the changing relationship of Jean and his wife was shown, but didn't like the ending as I felt that the 'wrong' end had been chosen for a film that showed what seemed very real relationships. Any more comment would be a spoiler!

Natasha S (de) wrote: I love it! it's hilarious! I like Eloise because she is funny and pretty! Always make trouble is so CUTE... Hehehe... She is adorable... First time, I think it's only about a silly girl who love to make trouble, but no. I then discover that it is so funny! I love it, I totally love it! And, I love her when she tried hard to find the prince. She is Super cute! I watched it in Disney Channel! I really really like it! Thanks... <3 Natasha <3

Daniel V (au) wrote: The movie that introduced the world to Steven Seagal. That may leave a stain on this flick for all the people who have come to dislike the prick, and he is, but for 5 movies, starting with this one, I was a fan. Of course I was 10 and I was just happy my dad was letting me see an R-Rated movie(Actually, I think I may have seen this without his permission, shhhhh) This is the first in what I call the Nico Quadrilogy, even though the 3 that followed had no real connection to this other than Seagal is a one note actor with one character. He does that character really well as he was able to do it successfully for 5 movies. UNDER SEIGE being the fifth, but that character is at least slightly different from the NICOs. Seagal has been a mob enforcer(rumor), CIA black ops(rumor), security for high level public figures and dignitaries(sort of confirmed) and a homeless guy(confirmed for sure). But he is above all a martial artist schooled in the art of Aikido of which he is a 7th degree black belt. This, he is very good at which makes Above the Law and it's 3 non-sequel sequels so entertaining. They are bad, but the good bad. The 80's had Arnie and Sly, the early 90's had Seagal and Van Damme. Yeah the 80's got the better end of that bargain but still, fun stuff. Also has a very early performance by Sharon Stone and a wasted Pam Grier as Nico's partner. She should've got more badass things to do.

Sara K (de) wrote: Not many people know if this movie anymore and it's a shame. All of the actors are wonderful in it, and the story is simple and easy to follow even for today's standards. I love this best because the good girl wins the good man in the end.

Chris I (es) wrote: if i wanted random disconnected scenes i'd just watch a bunch of <100 view videos on youtube

Rick K (nl) wrote: Worth watching just to see Pee Wee Herman.

Steve G (fr) wrote: "Demolition Man" contains an awful script but has excellent cinematography. Set in 2032 for the most part the plot to "Demolition Man" is that a rough and professional police officer named "John Spartan" portrayed by "Sylvester Stallone" is in search of a man named "Simon Phoenix" portrayed by "Wesley Snipes". One night "Phoenix" kidnaps 20 people and keeps them in a large building. "Spartan" arrests "Phoenix" but in the process the 20 hostages die. "Spartan" is punished by being cryogenically frozen with "Phoenix". Later in 2032 "Phoenix" escapes and causes chaos into the future so "Spartan" is awoken to stop him. The movie begins in 1996 with the first action-sequence taking place. The introduction to "Phoenix" is shows how insane he truly is. Throughout the most of the movie it shows "Spartan" adjusting to life in the future and trying his best to capture "Phoenix". The scenes of "Spartan" adjusting to life are humorous to watch meanwhile most of the action sequences don't feel like a fighting scene; for example the fighting scene between "Phoenix" and the 6 police officers doesn't look like a fight the scene looks more like a dance sequence. The movie's climax is great, it felt legitimate and the climax has a terrific antagonist death. As usual "Sylvester Stallone" gives 100% in his performances as he does for "Demolition Man" but some minor characters in the movie that only are in 1 or 2 scenes don't feel like they are giving it they're best. The movie score at times isn't the best and doesn't make a scene more captivating. The biggest issue with the movie is the script, the script is full or childish dialogue and unrealism; occasionally the script uses humor but that's not too often. Definitely the best part of "Demolition Man" is the cinematography the late "Alex Thomson" films this movie in a way that is almost indescribable. If you are a person who enjoys some of "Sylvester Stallone's" action movies then I recommend you watch "Demolition Man" as it has humorous dialogue, a great "Stallone" performance and terrific cinematography. Although the movie isn't perfect it has some issues, these being the childish script, the unentertaining music and some bad fighting scenes. I give 1993's "Demolition Man" a 7/10.

Mike N (ca) wrote: Okay, I'm a runner, so I'm obviously going to like it. I thought the actors did a great job and it's a great story about one of the biggest and most popular running stars. I'm not quite as extreme (or fast) as him, but I like to think I have a great drive and passion :) I also learned something about the Munich games, and of course much more than I knew before about Pre. Amazing runner.The only pace is suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die.