The daily grind for the cops of the Police Department's Juvenile Protection Unit - taking in child molesters, busting underage pickpockets, interrogating abusive parents, confronting the excesses of teen sexuality, enjoying solidarity with colleagues and laughing uncontrollably at the most unthinkable moments. Knowing the worst exists and living with it. How do these cops balance their private lives and the reality they confront every working day? Fred, the group's hypersensitive wild card, is going to have a hard time facing the scrutiny of Melissa, a photographer on a Ministry of the Interior assignment to document the unit.

A journalist covering police assigned to a juvenile division enters an affair with one of her subjects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (ca) wrote: Called Freelancers in the US but Crossfire in the UK, this is a straight to dvd release that only caught my interest because of Robert De Niro. There are no good guys in this film which always makes it hard to root for any of the characters which gives the film no purpose really. De Niro and Forest Whitaker keep the film barely afloat. For a film whose central character has no morals, it was a difficult task accepting him as the good guy by the end.

Phil N (br) wrote: Expanding on the ideas from his music video for M.I.A(TM)s ~Born Free(TM), Romain Gavras(TM)s directorial debut is about the persecution of redheads. United by the colour of their hair, introverted Remy and therapist Patrick take a nihilistic journey together as they plan to flee to Ireland. It(TM)s a great premise, and the re-teaming of Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthelemy from Sheitan works, but Gavras makes more of a statement in his 9min promo than he does in his full length feature.

Leonardo Malacay S (au) wrote: Policas malos, policas buenos (?) Sangre, venganzas, trafico, verdades

Rob M (kr) wrote: Interesting movie but its only draw is the gimmick of the Bollywood approach in downtown Toronto. Storyline is straight out of the 1930's. Get dancing but I want to know how the non-Indian dancers could know such elaborate dance moves when the dance starts spontaneiously. They could have spend more time getting the lip-sync right on the dance sessions as well. All in all, not a bad way to pass some time.

Leena L (ca) wrote: I do not like Harry Conninck Jr. Too much of something. Walked out on him once on Broadway of all the places. Had seen this before, was nothing special then, so clearly not breathtaking now either.

Stephanie T (es) wrote: I must not have seen the same movie that the others had, possibly my version was very, very edited. The story I was presented with was one of love, dismissal and several failed attempts of one-upmanship. It was a touching and sad expose of people who selfishly made decisions that negatively impacted others to the extent of their own regret.The actors are incredibly beautiful and the scenery even moreso. The sensuality of the story was heightened by the gorgeous silky fabrics, flowing crystal waters and deep hypnotizing eyes. While the ending seemed incongruous with the storyline (and is the only line quoted here on RT) this is a heartbreaking tale and a visual feast.

Melissa W (de) wrote: Rickman is awesome in this role, but the plot isn't very engaging and it fails to meet expectations.

Allan F (ag) wrote: Clint Eastwood continues to show the world how well a director he is and this has to be his best. Excellent directing, a memorable performance from Bradley Cooper, a perfect score from Ennio Morricone, and over the top storytelling about Chris Kyle.

Josh C (fr) wrote: This was a great and underrated film!

William F (mx) wrote: While the series may have overstayed its welcome for a very long time now, this film surprisingly remains a fun ride that reminds us of the early years when this franchise was still fun. Just as funny and exciting as the original film.

Liv P (us) wrote: if you like hilariously bad movies, this one is pretty good.