Politics of Love

Politics of Love

Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a sexy, savvy, African-American conservative Republican reluctantly falls for his Democratic counterpart: a beautiful Indian-American Obama campaign volunteer. Sparks fly, tempers flare, heads turn, and romance blossoms for this mismatched pair of lovers in the frantic and intoxicating days leading up to Election Day. Can the politics of love conquer all?

A comedy romance inspired by the slew of publicly documented election love stories that sprung up during Obama's Presidential push. The plot follows the fortunes of a campaign team caught up in a whirlwind of euphoric romances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon D (mx) wrote: Some bad acting... But Schiff is great :-)

Gavin A (ru) wrote: Not bad but not great either.

Trinity C (mx) wrote: Looks so cute I could gag

Alan J (es) wrote: I guess I just thought this would turn into something more

Malik s (kr) wrote: good crooked cop movie

Carlos R (de) wrote: This crap should be screened in some kind of "brain museum" to show how stupid can a human being be, it's the most pathetic "romantic comedy" I've ever seen. The only good thing are the hot chicks but after watching them for 3 scenes in a row, even they are pathetic.

Mithun G (it) wrote: Audiard is an absolute master.

Tom L (br) wrote: Nothing special, but actually watchable.

tammy h (fr) wrote: great but not as good as the 1st big shoes to fill

Donna F (mx) wrote: I hated this sappy movie with a dumb title.

Nick A (fr) wrote: So stupid a movie. I guess in the 70's it was good. I stopped watching midway through

Samantha S (ag) wrote: ideas are great but come off as cheesey

Stephen K (ca) wrote: Awesome mechanical hand crawling around on it's own exacting revenge.Beautifully shot in a gorgeous gothic mansion, decent plot, and a real sense of style.Highly recommended if you are in the mood for an atmospheric night of classic horror.

Antonio N (nl) wrote: Great Action Film from the 70's!!!

mike d (gb) wrote: i don't know if it was just because i was feeling really ill while i watched this or what was going on...but it didn't seem as good as i thought it would be...however....there's some truly great effects work in it and a great sequence at the end.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Flags of Our Fathers sounded like an appealing war film, but the fact that it was directed by Clint Eastwood was my true motivation to watch itFlags of Our Fathers isn't the most entertaining or thought provoking war film. It attempts to be a war film that covers American soldiers as they directly experience the war head on which depicts the real horrors of the war while also revealing the nature of the political people who are supporting and causing the war while carelessly sending other people out to fight. But the problem is that the structure of the plot has it constantly flipping back and forth between some excellently crafted and strongly dramatic war sequences and some dull political scenes. The characters in Flags of Our Fathers aren't the most interesting bunch, and there are so many of them that I feel that I look at all the characters in the film as a list of unnamed soldiers which is truly what the war was about. Unfortunately by doing this, I failed to find myself connected to the characters in the film and therefore all of the sequences which are very character driven and are focused on what the characters are saying about the war instead of doing in the war simply did not grab me. There was a bit much talking in Flags of Our Fathers, and I was thrown off by the way that it constantly deviated back and forth between being a legitimate war experience and a depiction of the cowards that encouraged the war. So it isn?t the most well-structured war film, nor is it the most interesting. And the structure is also weighed down by the slow pace and the length of the film. Frankly, Flags of Our Fathers sees director Clint Eastwood at a very ambitious time, but unfortunately the film is ambitious to a fault because it crosses over its line and becomes a lot more focused on the theoretical side of war than it is on the practical side, so it is not one of the better films that he has directed.Also, considering that the story is sold from a third person perspective, it feels rather artificial as it has him who has never actually witnessed the war explaining how everything happened, and it just detracts from the realism while making the film a lot more of a tale which does not strengthen its impact. Flags of Our Fathers is a film which audiences are likely to question for its realism because it just isn't sensible to have such a character narrating a story while following a formulaic path. All in all, Flags of Our Fathers does manage to pay tribute to its soldiers in an honourable and mostly honest way, but it doesn't go about entertaining viewers precisely as well so as a film experience it is not a film which really conveys the same impact that the story did. I guess Flags of Our Fathers is also weighed down by the fact that in current society, war films have a certain formula created thanks to countless entries into the series, so it is clear what the film is going to say about its characters and how it is going to depict its events, and it doesn't really stand out as one of the more original or memorable entries into the genre. Flags of Our Fathers really is barely a half decent film all in all.The half of the film that is decent comes mainly from the visual aspects of the film. While it isn't dramatised to the best effect and doesn't break too much new ground as a war film, it is visually excellent. Thanks to Clint Eastwood's keen eye for strong imagery, Flags for Our Fathers captures the time and setting of its story greatly. With excellent locations captured with grand cinematography and firm editing, Flags of Our Fathers captures the true nature of battle in war greatly. There are some entertaining action scenes which are well crafted and thoroughly intense thanks to the strong realism of the situation, and they prove to be the most entertaining moments in the film which are very realistic and benefit from some strong sound effects and great sound editing for which the film scored two Academy Award nominations. The only real technical flaw in Flags of Our Fathers is that its musical score is effective but isn't used enough to truly capitalise on the drama of the situations that the story faces in its smaller scale scenes.The colour palette of Flags of Our Fathers was great though because although the film is done in colour, it maintains a very grim colour palette which leaves it in a state which is borderline greyscale without being actually black and white And the costumes are thoroughly convincing as well.Flags of Our Fathers is also a well scripted film with a strong cast.Although the characters don't make such a huge impact because they are essentially a lot of nameless figures, there are a few that I found memorable. The most notable actors to me were Ryan Phillipe for being given a character that he wa actually able to work with fairly well for once, Barry Pepper simply as he proved himself a convincing soldier in the war classic Saving Private Ryan and returns to the form for a second time in Flags of Our Fathers and Melanie Lynskey for appropriately portraying the kind of attractive charm that is necessary to a figure like Pauline Harnois Bragnon. But despite its visual skill, entertaining battle moments and the strong cast, Flags of Our Fathers is weighed down by an inability to transcend the predictable elements of usual war films and cannot breathe as much humanity into its characters as it wants to, making it simply a slow and dull war film with a bland plot structure which does not emphasise Clint Eastwood's best talents as a filmmaker or specifically as a creator of post-2000 war films.

Cathlene B (ag) wrote: I wanted to compare Paolo Sorrentino's Thing of Great Beauty to another Sorrentino movie, so this one seemed accessible because it was in English. I had mixed reviews, but I liked it just fine. It was like Malik's Tree of Life. Makes you think beyond the story elements and reflect on God.