Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.

Eric and Amy Bowen are looking to buy a new house. They are haunted by evil forces must come together to rescue their youngest daughter after the apparitions take her captive. The family begins to leave but they are stopped by the poltergeists, who drag them back into the house and attempt to abduct Maddy again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Poltergeist torrent reviews

Coco L (nl) wrote: Please show in Texas again!

Federico E (it) wrote: Good for new fans of the genre.. otherwise it's a bit waste of time since it doesn't presents anything new under the zombie sky.

(ca) wrote: second half is good... brilliant acting by boman and kunal... cyrus... is also funny but irritating sometimes... amit mistry and mahesh are awesome... but they didnt got muh space...

Alan L (fr) wrote: Just checked this out at the VancouverAsianFilmFest, didn't really know what to expect but i have to say i was entertained. Positives were: John Cho taking a serious role, Grace being more then just a pretty face, and the overall asian american feel of the movie, good change not having to read subtitles all day. Negatives: took me awhile to figure out who the heck John was trying to help/protect as it wasn't too clear, the opt for a happy ending when it coulda been something a lil' edgier, and the version we saw was a rather poor transfer...lots of artifacts/pixelation, camera had trouble w/lighting in a few scenes. Anyways, for it's budget, pretty well done.

Carmen R (ca) wrote: The movie is irritating most of the time, but that is the purpose of the movie and the not so passionate love scene. It is not a love story, but two people that get together because they are alone, not for love. As much as it irritated me, I liked the movie.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: There are some problems with the script and performances but the premise is intriguing and it ends up being fun.

Tyson P (ca) wrote: borrrrrrring, it kind of looks cool but thats it, not worth it

Siavash (br) wrote: It was fine, I guess. It was full of stereotypes. Similar to what I can hear everyday on a taxi. There were some good scenes and some good performances. But I was expecting something a lot better. It's Robert Altman for Christ sake!

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Strong Russian movie made after the collapse of the USSR and shot in a manner that captures the spirit of a Russian Empire family. The typical story of the Stalin's purge of the 30s. This time combined with a sub-plot dealing with lost love and revenge.

Bengel W (br) wrote: The voices make the characters come to life and this is the best cartoon of them all. The script and humor is of the highest rank which is what one would expect from Disney. Family entertainment at its finest, keeping all viewing until the very last frame showing the skill of the directors and producers. Nibbles: Turkish delight.

Lucas M (au) wrote: Sempre gostei dos filmes da dupla Wilder e Pryor. Este ltimo filme dos dois juntos, entretanto, para mim, no (C) o melhor. Decepcionante e mal escrito.

Arienne A (jp) wrote: it's herchel, almost moses. this is a funny movie, especially if you like those old 80s comedies. it's got a great lineup of funny people.

Jake A (de) wrote: An effective and well crafted thriller centred around Nazi war criminals and government agencies that weave their way into the life of the titular Marathon Man played brilliantly by Dustin Hoffman. The rest of the cast is also solid, the action is well played out and realistically violent, the score is really good, plenty of tense scenes and I like the twisting plot despite the somewhat lacking script.

jesse k (au) wrote: This film stands the test of time, although somewhat flawed in pace, and structure. Fonda gives an excellent performance as a goddamn whore.

Michael G (nl) wrote: Pretty lackluster entry in the Kaiju eiga series, but not wholly bad. The thing to disappoint fans is the film is very calm and relaxed, which is a nice change of pace, but probably not fully needed. Varan is one of the most wrongfully unliked monsters of the Godzilla line-up, which is disconcerting since he isn't even all that bad, and should have a come-back. The music from Akira Ifukube is probably his best work to date, and if not the best musical scores for any movie period! One very annoying aspect of the movie is the [accidental] stock-footage of "Gojira" that reoccurringly pops up.

Deke P (de) wrote: Crawford didn't look bad! Good flick. Interesting to see 1952 'tape recorder'.

Allan C (au) wrote: Nick Adams visits his fiance's spooky mansion to find it surrounded by desolation (ALA "Fall of the House of Usher") and a creepy wheelchair bound Boris Karloff. The locals townsfolk shun Adams and the family for mysterious reasons, which are quickly revealed to be around a mysterious meteor that crashed on the property and was the cause of the desolation and additional mysterious events. The film was loosely based on the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Colour Out of Space" but this hardly feels like a Lovecraft story. Despite that, the film does work in a strange way of mixing the style of AIP's gothic horror Poe adaptations with a bit of science fiction. Not a classic, but entertaining.

Nilufer R (fr) wrote: I didn't really know what to expect from this movie so when it started like a romantic drama, a slow European movie, I was in the mood immediately however it turned out to be a solid crime/thriller which I enjoyed very much.

gloria b (ag) wrote: I loved this movie. Great acting, twisting plot, violence and an unpredictable vigilante. What John Doe says in this film is true. We are all John Does.

Loreno H (ag) wrote: The 2008 movie is great. This one is shit. waste of time.