A junior screenwriter called Juan Garofalo is hired by film director Samuel Goldszer to write his new film: a gangster movie set in Buenos Aires. In each meeting, the filmmakers create a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

A junior screenwriter called Juan Garofalo is hired by film director Samuel Goldszer to write his new film: a gangster movie set in Buenos Aires. In each meeting, the filmmakers create a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kapil G (br) wrote: Hands down, the best Hindi movie I've seen this year. All story, no songs (until the end credits), and no romantic side story. With shades of Liam Neeson's "Taken" and Aamir Khan's "Sarfarosh", a gripping crime thriller - a must watch (but perhaps not for kids)

WooYun C (de) wrote: O Canada! An ultimate action flick for skiers.

Jocey D (de) wrote: It offers a beautiful setting (Lake Tahoe) for a banal story. As a mother, albeit not rich, I can relate to the main character's feeling of abandonment and being misunderstood, undervalued and unappreciated by her (spoiled and privileged) children. However when she relaxes and softened her stance, it all becomes easier and more pleasant, even if only for a day it so.

David B (ag) wrote: Stuck it on the TV for the actors in it, turned it off before ending.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Amazing performances from an amazing cast, but the film badly needs a plot. Either way, Horrocks is sensational.

Kevin M (mx) wrote: After doing some work for Dutch TV and a couple of art/smut movies for the hell of it, Paul Verhoeven and Rutger Hauer had something of a Scorsese/DeNiro relationship that culminated with this clumsy yet endearing WWII epic. While there's none of Verhoeven's over-the-top violence, perversion, or broad satire, there is plenty of detail drawn from personal experience in this Dutch Resistance story, based on a memoir by Erik Lanshof (who is a current US citizen and resident of Kauai). Hauer shows impressive range in his first legitimate Badass role, but the Badassness does not emerge until after a laborious Pre-Occupation period spent in college with some chums who'll eventually be plotting against the Nazis in the Resistance. There's "bawdy humour" and some boobies since there seemed to still be a bit of Turkish Delight left in Paul and Rutger. After escaping to England and hooking up with Queen Wilhelmina (metaphorically), he's assigned to re-infiltrate Holland and escort certain high-ranking Dutch monarchy back to Allied soil. Awesome premise, right? That's only after a REALLY long setup that includes a completely unnecessary intermission (a static shot of a sunset with the jolly orange word "PAUZE" filling the sky) that adds about five minutes to the already bloated running time. Once we're back in the land of bikes and wooden clogs, Rutger teams up with some school chums to pull off the usual Daring Raid. Anyone who's seen "Black Book" or read a history book would probably surmise that things aren't quite as cut-and-dried as that. And you'd be right. There's a great supporting cast, even though "Soldier of Orange" threatens to become the Rutger Show during an extraneous love subplot, we have the criminally underrated Jeroen Krabbe and Derek de Lint as fellow Orange Collaborators, and even Ed Fox as the British Intelligence officer responsible for the whole mess. Without spoiling too much, there's a really amazing sequence involving Jeroen Krabbe, a bike, and an automatic pistol that occurs toward the end that makes me sad that his only crossover success was playing the villain in "The Fugitive" and has now progressed to playing the villain in crap like "Transporter 3". While Rutger went on to "Blade Runner" and "Blind Fury", the past decade hasn't been too kind to him, either. Aside from being in the best scene in "Sin City" and being disposable in "Batman Begins", his limitless potential as seen here seems to remain unfilfilled. Lost.... like tears.... in.... rain.

Alan Z (kr) wrote: Told with boldness and poetry. "Breathless" deepens into the soul.

JD (de) wrote: The one thing I really didn't like about this movie was the fact it kind of copies Fantasia which I really hate because Fantasia is a fantastic movie and probably my all time favorite Disney movie and for another movie just to copy it is just stupid. So for ripping off Fantasia it gets a lower rating than it should and the reason I say that is because this movie Melody Time is not that bad of a movie. It's no Fantasia but it does have some great songs in it and pretty decent animation. I think my favorite part was the very last song, it had a great tone to it and the animation was just incredible, but there were some songs in this movie that were kind of dull and you see when you watch Fantasia there is not one song in that movie that's dull. I do get what Melody Time was trying to do, but I think it could have done it better and I think they could have not ripped off Fantasia so much and just come up with there own movie. But all in all I think Disney fans will like this movie, they'll think this movie is just nice to hear and in that regard it is nice to hear, but it's just not better than Fantasia and yeah I know I'm comparing this movie too much to Fantasia but I have no choice because Fantasia is the best Disney movie and this movie Melody Time kind of rips it off.

Nir E (us) wrote: Superbly acted with an imaginative and original story

Bill M (ru) wrote: Great horror comedy, and one of the best animal attack/creature feature's ever, the cast are really good too, unusually so for a horror movie, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda (where is she now?) and Oliver Platt all put in good turns as likable, well rounded, funny characters, thats the films other mig M.O. the script is really good, witty, sharp and clever, and the balance of tone superb, it can be at any point funny or tense/scary, as an added plus the crocodile effects are often fantastic, especially the great Stan Winston's impressive full size animatronic creature. Whats with all the bad rotten tomatoe ratings you bunch of assholes, hey?!

Eric K (gb) wrote: I genuinely loved this movie. It's a light comedy about some obstacles in life and left an impression on me at least. Thank you for making this movie.

Josas G (br) wrote: Aburridos dialogos no pude terminarla