Pony Soldier

Pony Soldier

Duncan MacDonald, a 19th-century Royal Canadian Mountie, has to escort a group of Cree Indians back to their above-the-border reservation. His guide in this endeavor is the not-too-trustworthy half-breed Natayo.

In this exciting outdoor actioner, courageous Canadian Mounted Police attempt to quell a Cree uprising in 1876. But Chief Konah complicates matters when he attacks a wagon train and takes two hostages. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan R (ru) wrote: What an amazing documentary...a must for every Cricket lover...but even someone who doesn't understand the game will love it and get the message...truly brilliant !That's what's missing in sport and culture today....there is no drive other than money and that doesnt inspire passion and doesn't inspire anyone to fight against odds

Jimmy H (mx) wrote: I'll call this a cartoon for the elderly. As we are all headed in that direction, this is a humerous look on we get there. I say rent, unless you want to give as a gift to your grandparents. As usual, Martin Sheen, at least, his voice is very good.

Giancarlo Z (it) wrote: Great muzik, comedy Dave Chappelle did a great job on this project.

Ivan M (ag) wrote: nice B movie with potential. too bad that its corrupted with bad acting and action scenes.

Caroline H (ca) wrote: Aww a love winnie the pooh :P a remeber this one its soo cute :P

Phil H (kr) wrote: A kind of partner or sequel almost to his mighty werewolf flick, Landis' movie is underrated and a truly thrilling ride. The idea is a nice take on the vamp line but the word vampire is never used in the whole film, it is about vampires but not officially for some reason. Like 'Werewolf' the effects are really good, even now compared to cgi, the eye effects look cool and the finale effects on the baddie look great as well. Think of it as a mafia vamp flick :)

Chad R (jp) wrote: This came out at the time In Living Color was very popular and this movie employs some of the same slapstick type of comedy. Marlon and Damon are funny as brothers/scam artists. A young Stacy Dash looks absolutely fantastic. This is one of the first and possibly the best of all the Wayans movies.

Drew H (it) wrote: Haven't seen it in a while but I remember it being ok at the time.

Jack G (mx) wrote: Interestingly this is really about LSD and taking drugs in general, and this was a few years before The Trip, where Corman actually took LSD to prepare for directing. In this case it's about a doctor taking drops in his eyes so he can see ALL OF IT! And it's actaully not poorly acted or shot or anything really. Sure, there's cheesy shit, as there is all over Corman's work (i.e. you will LOL over the doctor randomly getting lightly tapped out of the window to fall to his death, or when we first see Miland's eyes after the extensive treatments, or even his Rain Man type of trip to Las Vegas). But there's also some strength to the filmmaking, as low-budget and rushed as it is, and the ending is awesome as are all of those cheesy LSD-type of effects. Oh, and Don Rickles is in it too!

William W (es) wrote: I loved this police procedural thriller/film noir by Elia Kazan. His on-location direction was assured, the script was dynamite and Richard Widmark, Zero Mostel and Jack Palance were sensational. Highly recommended.

James G (nl) wrote: Great film, classic British gangster, filmed in Brighton which is also good, questionable storyline

Morgan K (fr) wrote: This is the crap you get when you combine the best elements of Drive, The Town, and Grand Theft Auto and make a mockery of them. Downright laughable at times. Please don't watch lol

Jeff S (nl) wrote: Generic film with a cringeworthy performance from Leonardo DiCaprio

Tiberio S (es) wrote: There was something inspirational in the message of will and way, that Zak is driven by his desire to make Marie fall in love with him. But that gets muddled when we have to imagine how much of this is all manipulated by Theo.Marie is a machine... Literally? Maybe. She is this irrepressible cunt, that mechanized impassive girl, who was both smart and hot in high school, who wouldn't give you the time of day. She is setup so the audience really wants to see her broken, a nice obstacle and objective for us to get behind Zak.

Cheryl A (ru) wrote: the Watson's go to birmingham