Pookkalam Varavayi

Pookkalam Varavayi

Nandan (Jayaram) is a school bus driver who is coping with the death of his young niece and also dealing with the sorrow of his sister (Rekha). He finds solace and friendship in a little girl Geethu (Shyamili) who reminds him of his niece. Geethu is also going through a turmoil of her own because of the troubles between her parents (Muarli, Geetha).

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Nick U (ru) wrote: 9/11/14 VuduA nice bookend to Restrepo. A little more reflective than The Hornets Nest and the steady camera was easier on the eyes. Does a great job showing the camaraderie of front line troops as well as the inordinately difficult living conditions in a front line outpost. A tough life lived by tough people.

jacki m (kr) wrote: This is another poor film, script and shoot em up, I wish they had all just got it over with in 20 mins, DVD and Pizza, the Pizza would win.

Roni A (ru) wrote: So confused that I figured I missed something, so listened to narrative, watched deleted scenes, and realized it wasn't me after all. It really gave me answers to nothing, and left me with more questions than I started off with.

Genti S (ru) wrote: A beautiful melancholic short movie where the whole story is told through scenery, faces of people and a poetic often funny voice-over!

Patrick F (kr) wrote: This movie wants to be a chronicling of a life from birth to college, a look at what it's like for your child to grow up and move away to college. What it becomes is a study of a man who viewed his daughter's life through a camera lens and failed to make a real connection to her. It's not great filmmaking, but it's interesting.

Ben R (us) wrote: A cheesy but decent paranormal romantic dramedy starring James Spader who plays a writer/publisher who has two ghosts living in his apartment played by Michael Caine and Maggie Smith.The two ghosts give him relationship advice by fighting with each other and showing him how much it sucks to be married even in death.Meanwhile Spader is having his own relationship woes with his very cold bitchy english girlfriend, played by Susan Berman. For the most part the movie is sort of ridiculous, when you see James Spader talking to ghosts, but somehow the movie works for what it is. Not a bad watch and its something different but entertaining. James Spader and Michael Caine fans will get some mileage out of this like I did.

Steve H (jp) wrote: You have to have some patience with this one. For awhile it really seems mediocre.. Then you get to the "Indians" and its funny as hell. From there the film gradually gets more brilliant, building up to a side-splitting ending. By the time its over you love the movie, and even in the somewhat boring early stages you have to admire the wit. All in all it's earned its place among the Trey Parker classics of absurd comedy, and as others have pointed out, it does have a pretty cool independent charm/feel. Still not as good as Team America but hey, what is?

Francisco G (ca) wrote: Yet, another very overlooked Carpenter flick, Prince of Darkness breathes Carpenter through and through. The cast is hardly likeable, much like The Thing but you understand what brought them together and what are the stakes. The story is a wonderful blend of sci-fi and horror thriller, that could've crumbled onto cheesy territory but holds it's ground by presenting some nice atmosphere, surreal imagery and good gory bits. The dialogue is sharp and incisive making this a worthy satanic ride to take.

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Brenda W (mx) wrote: this movie i saw when i was little and i didnt want to eat after it but a very good movie

Keyonna N (nl) wrote: we are reading this in my English 3 class so i want to read and also see the movie that was made in 2006 and 2008

Greg N (it) wrote: Fascinating Sci-Fi. Special effects for 1956 are eye-catching (apart from the Spaceship). Walter Pidgeon is brilliantly cast against type, making up for the rest of the rather wooden cast. Though Robby the Robot steals every scene he's in. Add the eeriest soundtrack and you have a highly watchable and influential cult classic.

Matt C (gb) wrote: This is a pretty formulaic offering, young robot urged to follow his dreams and help other robots etc. Wacky sidekick, you know the drill. My 3 year old absolutely loved it though and hasn't stopped talking about the movie since, I was happy mainly because of the Father-Son angle at the conclusion and a bit of James Brown. Can't complain then!