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Poonam torrent reviews

Roy C (nl) wrote: Amusingly exaggerated acting, fights, and lighting. Decent effects for an unknown film.

Kirstan J (es) wrote: I thought this movie was awesome..

Stanley C (es) wrote: The paragon for Batman movies. This movie has everything to be called a must-see Batman blockbuster, well maybe except Harley Quinn.

Divya S (nl) wrote: Frankly speaking.....such movies should be made and massive attention should be given to such films ........... truely wonderful

Guido S (gb) wrote: A musical on based on the rise of the Supremes. The group goes from small time gigs to being backups for Eddie Murphy until they get their own act then tensions flair. The songs that were meant to be sung on stage were all great, but when they start singing in conversation, it felt awkward and those aren't quite the level of the actual songs. Not as great as I was led to believe from all the hype, but a pretty good movie to watch.

Max M (fr) wrote: An incident happens where an experiment goes wrong and the creature escapes from the facility. Species is a perfect example of combining science fiction and horror together and overall you get it a pretty good film and of course an alien with some nice hooters. The whole plot of Species is about an experiment of a deadly alien creature named Sil which we see in the beginning is played by a younger Michelle Williams and then later on played by Natasha Henstridge as the adult version of Sil who lures men and tries to find someone to make an offspring so that more would be made and then also with the plot we get the people who are after Sil including Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, Forrest Whitaker,Michael Madsen, and Marg Helgbenger who do a decent and believable job in the film as well. Also since Species not only has decent characters and a good story, Species also has great creature designs by H.R. Giger(known for the alien creature from the movie Alien). But overall as both a movie and a science fiction and horror flick Species is not the greatest film ever made but it is still a well done film and Species also delivers what it promises.

Stuart K (es) wrote: After finding success in Above The Law (1988), Hard To Kill (1990) and Under Siege (1992), Steven Seagal had become one of Hollywood's biggest action stars, and for his next film, he convinced Warner Bros. that he should direct it. It was the chance Seagal had been waiting for, and was fully in charge of his own film, but it was a troubled production which went over schedule and over budget, and it alienated audiences too, and despite Seagal's best intentions, it doesn't work. Aegis Oil, which is run by Michael Jennings (Michael Caine), and it owns several oil rigs and a new oil refinery in Alaska, after a fire delays the opening of the refinery, oil fire expert Forrest Taft (Seagal), arrives and puts it out. Foreman Hugh Palmer (Richard Hamilton) tells Taft that there's been cutbacks with safety equipment and Taft decides to investigate further, but Jennings gets to find out about his activities, and sets up a trap, setting Taft up. But Taft, badly wounded, manages to escape with Masu (Joan Chen), who comes from a tribe of Eskimos, who sold their land to Jennings years ago, he recovers with them and plots payback. For a film that promises so much, it's a very maudlin, melancholy affair, even the action seems uninspired, and the environmental message doesn't belong in a film like this, as a result, Seagal has never directed another film again.

Jentry D (us) wrote: I really LOVED this movie. If people in today's society would watch this movie and apply it's message to the discrimination that has plagued our country, and the world, for 100's of years, the world as we know it would change, for the better, forever. Whether someone is Jewish, Christian, White, Black, Straight or Gay, people are still people. Just because someone fits the mold of who societies view as the "right" kind of person, does not mean that they are automatically a better person. In this movie, Dillon was a prick, straight up, and David was a stand up, good guy. If Dillon had been Jewish, I believe it is fair to say he wouldn't have had a friend in the world, but because he had money, and practice the most accepted religion, he was a God amongst men. Times have changed. The world has evolved and it is time for people to start evolving with it. As a Christian myself, I read the bible and go to church and I know for a fact that God loves all of us the same and Jesus died for me just like he died for an atheist, a jewish person, a homosexual or any other person. We have a gracious God who loves unconditionally and wants his children to do the same to their brothers and sisters. We are suppose to have eyes like him. Not eyes that see race, religion or sexuality. We are suppose to have eyes that see people...plan and simple. We are all the same in his eyes.

kostas t (mx) wrote: "ESWTERIKES YPOTHESEIS" ta mustika sou einai to oplo tou!!!!!!

Ajari E (au) wrote: brilliant movie ahead of its time!

Bill M (fr) wrote: Robert Wise is arguably the most genre versatile director ever. Musicals (Sound of Music; West Side Story); Sci-fi, both Golden Age, Scientific and space-special effects (The Day the Earth Stood Still; Andromeda Strain; Star Trek I); Horror (The Haunting); War (Run Silent, Run Deep); Noir (The Set-Up et many al); Sports Biopic (Somebody Up There Likes Me); Historical Drama (Helen of Troy; The Hindenberg); True Crime (this); straight drama (Executive Suite)....

AJ R (de) wrote: One of the greatest musicals ever made! If you seen Sparkle then you would love this!!!!

Richard D (ag) wrote: The ur-1930s backstage musical ... the one from which all the later ones spring. Warner Baxter plays the producer of "Pretty Girl", which we follow from conception to debut. Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell are the stars. Busby Berkeley choreographs. Not as wonderful as later musicals, but extremely entertaining and worth seeing to see where it all starts.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: While it's first two thirds are solid along with it being consistently frightening and an interesting twist on the slasher genre. Jeepers Creepers is hindered due to running out of energy eventually and it's ending is disappointingly dull.

Grant T (br) wrote: We Bought a Zoo features a terrific performance from Matt Damon and some melodramatic, touching family fun. At times the plot dragged on and felt to be at a standstill, but on the grand scale, it was a warm experience that anyone can find some enjoyment in

Sean B (de) wrote: most accurate and intense military movie I have ever seen. far better than private Ryan and American sniper. this shows us what it must really be like to be a frog man.