Poonam Ki Raat

Poonam Ki Raat


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Wendy C (jp) wrote: Very thought provoking. I am advising every cat owner to watch it.

Garret I (de) wrote: 8 good, 5 meh, 3 bad, 5 WTF Good, 5 WTF bad.

Rich F (jp) wrote: Another Herzog documentary this time on the mysterious paint etchings of Neanderthal Man (30,000 years ago) watched in 3D which really brought the documentary to life and typically Herzog's prompted thoughts - this is what 3D was made for

Frisby 2 (de) wrote: Short sweet & straight to the point; I actually forgot this movie existed.

Victor M (kr) wrote: A view of Germany reunification with a lot of sarcasm and humor. Alexander creates a fiction fake world for his sick mother, where the DDR still exists, the Berlin wall fell, but the west people are the ones who are looking for refuge in the East.The film title couldnt be better chosen. In one moment Alexander's mother watches a Lenin statue been flown by a helicopter.

Mathias B (de) wrote: I had to write an e-mail to Flixster requesting this movie, 'cause it wasn't on their list. Which is a damn shame, 'cause it's one of the best cartoons ever made!

Andre D (br) wrote: What if social services was all in your business like they were back then

Korinn G (nl) wrote: SOOO cute, u gotta feel bad for the guy tho.. all he wanted was his whiskey and that bitch was trying to change his shit lol

Deirdre R (es) wrote: I thought Hartnell didn't really have the flair for comedy needed for this one. But a hell of a lot better than Carry on England.

Brian S (br) wrote: Being the master of varying types of horror-body horror, psychological horror, Freudian horror-director David Cronenberg takes on a different form of horror with his 2015 effort that involves the horrors of Hollywood with Maps to the Stars. Depicting rather clich subjects with these sorts of stories (the washed up actress, the new cutthroat breed of actor, etc.), Cronenberg utilizes his steely cold aesthetic to fully embrace these clichs and turns out a wickedly satirical and darkly funny look into the dysfunction that makes up that famous Los Angeles town. Featuring a great cast of stars to map out his film (the standout is Julianne Moore), the director's comically cynical depiction is a Greek Tragedy and a rewarding modern drama that shows that maybe the worst type of horror comes from the vain, the selfish and the cruel-or in Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, Hollywood itself.

Lauree K (ru) wrote: I love tragedy! A great adaptation of the novel.