Poor Boy's Game

Poor Boy's Game

Donnie Rose went to prison for beating a young man so brutally it left him handicapped for life. Nine years later, Donnie is out. He's a different man with only one place to go: back home to the same violent and racist neighborhood that created him. At the other end of town, the black community still wants revenge. The instrument of justice will be Ossie Paris, a devastatingly talented boxer who challenges Donnie to a match; a match Donnie's family and peers won't let him refuse. George Carvery has waited nine years to avenge his son's fate at the hands of Donnie. When finally they meet face to face, however, both realize they share a similar desire to overcome the past.

Donnie Rose went to prison for beating a young man so brutally it left him handicapped for life. Nine years later, Donnie is out. He's a different man with only one place to go: back home ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorian G (us) wrote: An interesting experiment, but a boring documentary. Some inspiring moments, and the Guatemalan kids were cute, but overall just ho-hum. They weren't really living on a dollar a day, as they had loans, and emergency medications they brought from America, which would not be affordable in a real situation.Watched on Netflix at home with Sam, January 30, 2015.

Justin H (jp) wrote: when the acting/writing is this bad, the first step the filmmakers take in any hope of redemption is cranking up fast cuts, sound effects and lots of other stuff we've seen before from off-camera voices to night vision, to self-closing doors. less is more when the quality is this low.

Oliver M (au) wrote: Loved it, I love french action packed movies and this is yet another great french movie! Please do more french action movies =).....please!!!!! =)

David S (es) wrote: Hitchcock is an interesting tale of the great director and his creation of one of his most iconic films, however, it veers off-track and loses interest at certain points. Hopkins does a fantastic portrayal of the director and the chemistry between him and Mirren is perfect for the married power couple. Without proper delving into the genius of Hitchcock, this film skims most ideas and does not create a real eye-opening of who the great man was and how he came to be. It is an interesting tale, but does not deliver on its promise.

TheMaddogMusic (fr) wrote: This movie was very funny. I watched it like 3 to 4 times already

David M (de) wrote: Should have been good, but kind of cliched and seemed less authentic.

Chris M (kr) wrote: There are many things a completely and totally disagree with Chomsky on, but this is worth watching and I think anyone interested in foreign affairs should be familiar with his critique of US foreign policy, and anyone interested in staying informed should be familiar with his critique of the media.

Isaac C (ag) wrote: At first I was put off by this film due to pacing. The first 2 were much slower, but after I adjusted and started getting into the film, I realized it was unique and had its own style. This film, I feel, is bashed unfairly. It's really not that bad, in fact it's had a good idea, Doug Bradley being a badass, and is good movie in general.

Patrick T (us) wrote: Not as good as Kentucky Fried Movie, but highly entertaining nonetheless.

Allan C (au) wrote: Quite enjoyable Dracula outing from Hammer Horror has an unsuspecting young man spending the night in Count Dracula's castle. The great Christopher Lee returns as the count and this time gets to do some shape shifting and controls nature, as did the count in the original Stoker novel. There's not a lot terribly original going on here, but it's all done quite well.

Max Y (kr) wrote: Was amazing except that the end was terrible he threw away everything for the common ending