A cop disguises as a gangster in order to capture a mafia leader.

A young undercover cop weeds out the mafia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keir B (it) wrote: It humanises a divisive political figure, and is filmed over 6 years by a director with a passionate lust for balancing the sides and finding a middle ground.

Anna L (nl) wrote: ? com aquele rapazinho que fica preso no banheiro do "Jogos Mortais 1". Achei horrendo! Deu asco! Nunca mais quero ver! Se bem que acho que era esse o objetivo dos caras que fizeram o filme n...Argh!

Bernard N (kr) wrote: A typical light romance comedy, involving 4 guys and a girl caught up with her past relationships so much, that she's not looking to the future instead. Decent.

Arianna T (gb) wrote: A great and very memorable performance by Kevin Costner as this film's villain saves this generic action film from being terrible. This movie had a chance to be great [Elvis impersonators plotting to rob a casino? How could this go wrong???] but that was all thrown away when the filmmakers decided to do the heist about 20 minutes into the film. After the heist happens, the movie degenerates into another generic chase film and becomes hard to stay interested in. Despite the fact that there's a mostly good cast on board, almost all of the actors go to waste in this forgettable film.

Amanda S (gb) wrote: The movie seemed to start at alright then it slowed down then picked back up again. I wish Peter was in it more though

Jess L (fr) wrote: This is one of the top contenders for cheesy 80s teen flicks. From the cheerleader's song 'We like boys' in the locker room, to the continual impromptu rap, the daggy 80s fashion, the token annoying younger brother, the dreamy football star, this movie has it all. Anyone who loves 80s cheese should check this out.

Steve W (mx) wrote: One of those movies where it's just plain bad. You can't make an action packed schlocky movie about the Vietnam War. It just doesn't work. A cool mine defusing scene, and the other best scene is then ruined by a terrible acting moment. A very forgettable piece of schlock.

Tea R (us) wrote: Film je uzasno smijesan. Toliko trash comedy scena da ne povjerujes, a jos onako zgodan Johnny, uf! Ovo je skroz dobro bilo za rano nedjeljno popodne.

Martin S (gb) wrote: Back when Carmen and Pedro ruled Spain.

Raymond R (jp) wrote: My 4th favorite of all time. Amazing, harrowing, and hard to watch sometimes. There is only one "actress" in the movie. Everyone else pretty much plays themselves. Once you see this movie, you'll never forget it.

Wraith A (au) wrote: Largely disappointing, given that Polanski's debut is acclaimed as an early masterpiece in some quarters. Impressive camera work and a nice jazz score don't fully compensate for the banality of the screenplay. I was expecting suspense but instead got a fairly unremarkable character study framed by an age old love triangle. The threat of violence is never real, so beyond a vague sense of claustrophobia and stagnation, any tension is dissipated.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Pretty cool little movie about Butch Cassidy in his twilight, after faking his death. On his way home, be takes up with a questionable Spaniard and tries to relive his old days, at the cost of trusting his gut.

MicBeth M (ru) wrote: Could have been better

Nicholas L (ca) wrote: There is not a more perfect casting than this nor ever there will be. Each actor/ress was at their prime form and peak abilities. The theme is still relevant more than twenty years after its first screening, Yes, call us superficial animals. All of us desire eternal beauty. A hilarious movie with a thought provoking message.

Jay L (ru) wrote: I actually liked this one better than I thought I would. The fight scenes between JCVD and Mickey Rourke are pretty and the action scenes are pretty solid, but Dennis Rodman gets on my nerves. His acting abilities are so bad that I would rather sit in a bath tub full of pine cones than watch another movie with Rodman. However, the film moves at a fast pace so there is limited time to realize how bad this movie can be while watching it. All in all, not a bad way to start off my Van Damme-athon. I give Double Team 2 1\2 out of 5 stars on the Damme Meter due to some decent action scenes, but the stupid plot and bad acting really bring the movie down to a level where this could have been a straight to DVD release. Entertaining, but hard to watch during a few painful scenes involving Rodman's lack of sense of humor.