Porque perdimos la guerra

Porque perdimos la guerra


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karl 1 (mx) wrote: Based on a true story on how two sisters plot to kill their mother. intruging but full of holes..It was far to predictable but is worth a look.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: A good attempt at horror but leaves much to be desired; for instance, 'The box' ending feels more like the writer was too lazy to bother with a proper twist at the end. Maybe a second anthology would work, the overall concept is admirable

Robbie N (jp) wrote: An incredibly amusing film at times, an incredibly dull one at others. I really didn't feel that Adam Sandler made this movie any better. The one things that brings this movie to it's feet is the funny and interesting concept.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: This was potentially the greatest film ever made, sadly the budget and the director and the actors and the writers all joined together to make it rubbish. The only yo-yo action is at the end in the dark. One of those ideas that sounded fantastic in someones head but didn't translate very well when brought out.

Alexander F (au) wrote: Some movie mistakes but still fun to watch.

Troy K (gb) wrote: Cheesy TV movie, but not too horrible to not watch.

Jesus H (mx) wrote: esta tiene su diferencia de la 1ra pero con su misma originalidad

HansKumar P (gb) wrote: was completely different than the book

Irwin M (fr) wrote: Goede drama, goed acteerwerk.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: After watching the second part of this film I wondered what the point was as none of the characters seemed to make any progress in their journey. Still this is a great film none the less.

Wut S (au) wrote: Strange fetishists look no further. As the name suggested, Conspirators of Pleasure enlists characters with dark desires, letting us peep on their absurd obsessions that connect them.Here you have a man wears a papier-mache'd rooster head and wings made from umbrellas, throwing stones and cockling at a rag doll resembling his landlady; in a cave with three lit candles, the fat, dirty landlady reveals from a closet to torture a dummy of her tenant; a postal worker who snorts balls made from loaves of bread; a man invents and attaches mechanical hands to his television so they could sexually gratify as he uses a remote to zoom up on the lips of his favorite newscaster; the newscaster whose husband abandons her for toys made from various objects, turns to please herself by letting two carps sucking her toes.

Becky R (it) wrote: Like the movie, but the ending is NOTHING like the book. In the movie, Bennie just takes Jack back, as if having Jack brings her confidence in who she is. In the novel, Bennie becomes independent and realizes how wonderful she is without Jack at the end of it all. The novel is great. The movie falls weak in this way. 3 stars.

Fonie G (kr) wrote: It's not John Hughes' best film, but it does have a nice amount of laughs and also a good amount of heart too! A-

bill s (ru) wrote: Tension is over the top and Reynolds proves he does have chops,who would have thunk that.

Sergio R (it) wrote: This was supposed to scary? Candyman II is incoherent, cliched and bloated with honey and blood.