Port of Freedom

Port of Freedom

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Vincent L (es) wrote: Good biographical documentary but I expected his life to be more interesting.

Crystal R (it) wrote: Well....I just LOVE Wayne White.....:) He made me smile most of this movie. Love to see people following their dream.

Michael M (fr) wrote: Its Shit, only gets 1 star cause i cant give it 0

Arslan K (ru) wrote: Pretty straight forward and is VERY fast paced like Hal knows everything about bring a lantern in the first 5 mins!

George N (ru) wrote: An attempt at Tetsuo style body horror. Wierd, but not quite weird enough.

Michalis P (us) wrote: This is the lowest critic Zhang Yimou will ever get from me....

wallace W (gb) wrote: [size=4]100% bad movie ...100% bad movie ...100% bad movie ...100% bad movie ...100% bad movie ...[/size][size=4][/size] [size=4]Grade : F :rotten: :rotten: [/size][size=4][/size] [size=4][/size]

Heather M (es) wrote: The creepiest version of this movie because that little kid is just super strange.

Steve L (ag) wrote: shows you the power women actually have on me!

Stephen C (gb) wrote: Simply Outsanding Police corruption thriller from the master of the genre Sidney Lumet. Treat Williams is fantastic as a cop who turns on his colleagues and is torn between his old world and his quest for the truth. The film is 167 mins long and it never lets up for one minute. Lumet is at the peak of his powers here and his cast are all outstanding in a film that demands to be seen. I feel this film is better than Serpico in very way as Lumet really has a feel for the world he places his lead star in . The biggest mystery of all is why Treat Williams never became a huge star of the back of this movie. He holds the film in the palm of his hand and delivers a performance that matches De Niro or Pacino in their prime A film of power and bite and vastly underated to boot

Jake A (ca) wrote: With a great cast, well written script and plenty of ideas that still resonate today this is an entertaining drama/comedy that despite a somewhat flabby middle is well worth the watch.

J K (ag) wrote: I only found this film interesting because my all-time favorite good-guy (Wayne) hunts down my all-time favorite villain, John Vernon (aka Dean Wormer from Animal House). Cheesy and full of those 1960s gas-guzzling cars and suits with vests.

Brian V (gb) wrote: Entertaining, but not great. This marks Sean Connery returning to the bond role after major differences with the producers leading to a different bond actor for "the spy who loved me." While it was great to see Connery back in the tux, it didn't seem like he was as into the role as he had been in previous appearances.

Tyler S (us) wrote: What is with this movie!? Why is it so weird and dark and violent while at the same time trying to be romantic and heroic and old school light hearted family fun? Why is Morgan Freeman some random Muslim guy who was never in any of the Robin Hood stories and is basically more important in the movie than Robin is? Why is Alan Rickman the Sheriff of Nottingham and not Prince John? Why does the Sheriff of Nottingham have a literal Witch for a mother...wait is she his mother? I DON'T KNOW! Why does Kevin Costner's British accent keep disappearing and re-appearing Just why? Why WHY WHYYYY!?! Well...if anything...it has a nice score. (P.S. was it a rule in the 90's that Sean Connery had to appear in every mediocre Medieval Fantasy movie that came out, or something?)