Four Hardcore party posers are suddenly facing an unknown killer when one of them disappears.

Four Hardcore party posers are suddenly facing an unknown killer when one of them disappears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (ag) wrote: I had so many different and competing emotions upon viewing Amy Berg's superb documentary of the West Memphis Three. At times I had to pause the film because I was so angered by the lies told and conjured up by the prosecutors. Others times I cried like a baby. It is fascinating to see how easily justice can be manipulated and how difficult it is to undo injustices.

Scott P (gb) wrote: Felt like a high school video class made this.

Zen K (ag) wrote: HALL OF FAME BITCHES

Barbara A (fr) wrote: Ni siquiera pa comentarla.... sucks!!!

Rayanjarrahhotmailcouk R (ag) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Joackim O (es) wrote: Le doublage est honteux. Peu drle, impression de "fait et mont la va-vite". Dubosc porte le film tant bien que mal mais derrire, cela ne suit pas. Le doublage (50% du film o on se demande si ils n'ont pas mlang les bobines son avec celle du film projet dans la salle d' ct tant ce n'est pas raccord avec les images) gche vraiment le si peu de crdibilit du film qui partait pourtant avec un scnario intressant. Dommage

Gary D (mx) wrote: I stumbled across this train wreck by accident and I have two laments. 1. It's a shame racist hollywood limits better chances for black actors to star in better films and 2. I know due to lament 1 that you have limited resources in budget but goddamn, you can't put out a better writting and directing effort than that? Embarrassing.

Jose D (jp) wrote: Retomando personajes originales de BELLE DE JOUR de LUIS BU?UEL, OLIVEIRA toma libremente, 38 aos despus el relato de la mujer casada que en una mezcla de acto sadomasoquista, se prostituye por las tardes secretamente.Con tan slo 68 minutos, a OLIVEIRA le alcanzan para delinear una hermosa historia que ve a MICHEL PICCOLI ( actor de ms de 200 films ) reinterpretando a HUSSON, en su rol de amigo personal del marido de SEVERINE, sta vez interpretado por BULLE OGIER antiguamente CATHERINE DENEUVE.Al igual que en la original es constante el rechazo de SEVERINE hacia HUSSON, cuestion por la cual HUSSON se siente atraido, con ganas de vivir lo que vivieron otros, pero a esta edad, la idea es reencontrarse, conversar sobre el pasado, develar ciertos interrogantes que no dejan seguir viviendo a los personajes.9/10

Muhammad G (kr) wrote: salah satu komedi romantis paling jelek yg ane liat,sepertinya orang2 yg ikut produksi nih film gak ikhlas bikin nih film..,huft..!!

Mark H (au) wrote: A sweet couple accidentally stumbles onto the world of swinging. The movie is fun and all the characters are likable.

Indiana G (it) wrote: Jade Warrior plays on many a mans fantasy of finding and falling in love with a beautiful Asian woman(Jingchu Zhang looks AMAZING in this film) who happens to be a Kung Fu master. That concept was diluted by bringing in a parallel story, from the present time period, that was hard to connect with. The fight scenes looked excellent considering this movie was supposedly made with only 3.5 million. But they were not enough to save Jade Warrior from it's bland characters.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Shadowboxer is a pretentious and mediocre film. It is about a female assassin who is diagnosed with terminal cancer decides to do one more killing with her lover. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Helen Mirren give good performances which was the only good thing in this film. The script is horrible and has very little character development. Lee Daniels did a terrible directing this movie. I would not recommend this motion picture.

Anna B (ag) wrote: A bit of clumsiness in editing and action is forgiven. It ends up pretty effective. I don't get why people hate shakey-cam so much.

Jennie R (ag) wrote: Predictable. Cheesy. Katie Holmes just could not get ahold of this part. It seemed like her first acting gig. The movie was not fun, not romantic nor entertaining in any way. The storyline had potential but it was lost in this.

Daniel A (mx) wrote: I am a big fan of Hartley's movies but I think this is just bad.

Mikael K (us) wrote: Bold and in many ways wise, Sunday Bloody Sunday? is a tale of three people: a divorced middle aged woman Alex, an older doctor Daniel and the man who connects these two, Bob. Both Alex and Daniel are in a relationship with the younger man. Bob(TM)s lovers know about each other, but letting go of possessiveness and societal taboos is challenging. I(TM)ve known about this movie for a long time, and I(TM)ve always assumed it to be very melodramatic and soapy. I was pleasantly surprised by a cool, analytical air that challenges the norms not by provocation but through honest and plausible drama. This film is a subtle examination of personalities colliding with what is expected and it doesn(TM)t result to contrived easy answers. It states that normative behavior is difficult and often damaging for an individual, but going against the norm can be worse. We enslave ourselves with what is generally considered to be the scale of proper behavior and often the damage to a nonconformist is undeservedly self-inflicted. The tragedy of individualism

David C (nl) wrote: Ah, the French can make those gangster movies laden with Fate, failed loyalties, and - well before the Godfather and the Sopranos - family.


Brian B (it) wrote: One of the better known Abbott and Costello movies. One of the funnier ones too. Costello's inept character keeps the laughs coming, as always.

Scott R (es) wrote: A feel good nice man inheriting a fortune only to redistribute it to the poor. It had its cute and witty moments, but ultimately fell short of greatness.