Poshter Boyz

Poshter Boyz

Poshter Boyz is a humorous take on a key social issue where three ordinary individuals of completely different age-groups find themselves brought together in an unwanted situation that has a serious negative effect on their well-settled happily progressing life. It revolves around an incident of three ordinary people who, to their surprise, find their pictures on a poster promoting vasectomy and how that error changes their lives around. Laced with a very interesting and well rounded music and background score, the film explores the journey of these three men through these trying times and their fight for justice.

The life of three men when their photos appear on an advertisement for sterilization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Werner S (de) wrote: An alternative sequel to the original Paranormal Activity, this is actually quite effective, sometimes even downright creepy. After the original and its (US) sequel, this is nothing we haven't seen before, but what it does, it does well, and the Japanese setting gives it a fresh flavour.

Chayanid Y (es) wrote: Not funny. Bad acting. Boring. Terrible

Kingshuk C (au) wrote: a very refreshing take on fusion of quantum physics and consciousness

Peter J (gb) wrote: Trash..complete waste of time.

Arslan K (us) wrote: Fool me once and that's about it

Gena M (br) wrote: Predictable in spots, some things I didn't see coming. I'm glad I didn't pay money to see it in a theater, though.

Robyn C (au) wrote: That's right ANOTHER Kurosawa film with Yakusho. One third of the way through this film I was like "huh?", 2/3 of the way I went "wha?", by the end I was like "ah-hah". This one grows on ya.

Sean P (jp) wrote: Profane, Welsh, loud, Welsh, black, Welsh, crude, Welsh, funny and Welsh!

Robert I (us) wrote: Not as good as the book, but not the gritty, dirty movie you expect it to be. Oh yeah, Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" is way better than Coolio's song in this film.

Eric R (fr) wrote: After suffering through the retched Italian "Alien" rip-off "Alien 2: On Earth", I decided to revisit another retched Italian "Alien" rip-off with Luigi Cozzi's "Contamination" to erase that other horrible experience from my mind. The subtle difference between this and that asinine motion picture "Alien 2" is that this one actually manages to be entertaining in its sheer ineptitude as opposed to making the audience drowsy from boredom.What we got here is an alien conspiracy to destroy all human life on Earth. A Brooklyn cop boards a drifting ship in New York's harbor (a scene very similar to the opening to Lucio Fulci's "Zombie") only to discover grisly corpses and thousands of pulsating green eggs. Before anyone makes a 'green ham' reference let me say up front that these are not eggs one wants to eat as they explode when rip, covering people with some strange green goo which in turn makes the individuals chest and stomach explode and a barrage of blood and guts. Why do you ask? No other reason than because chests that burst out with blood and guts is EXTREME. These kiwi's from hell are all somehow tied to a mars mission and a coffee plantation in South America where an Alien is mind controlling people to cultivate it's eggs and spread them for mass murder. Now it's up to an ugly female army colonel, a Brooklyn cop and an alcoholic ex-astronaut to save the world.... I guess that means we're all fucked.Why in the holy hell would the United States only send three people, two not even military or scientists, to scope out this egg farm when they know damn well it could be the start of an apocalyptic wave of chest bursting? Wouldn't we want to send the entire armed forces along with scientists to... I don't know... save the possible demise of the human race? This is one of only many ridiculous plot aspects of this silly little film but they all only manage to add to the sheer hilarity of this unintentional laugh fest. My personal favorite is after landing in South America our Colonel has an assassination attempt on her with an egg yet they go on later in the day going to the coffee plantation posing as possible buyers when it's obvious the assholes already know who they are! And they wonder why they were captured so flippin' easy. All I have to say is if these are the best people we got to save the world then the human race deserves to die.Director Luigi Cozzi (using his Americanized pseudonym Lewis Coates) was definitely inspired by "Alien" for this flick with the "egg" concept and even the "chest bursting" sequences but he also throws in a little "James Bond" type world domination plot device as well as a few nods to 50s B-science fiction films. Hell there is even a reference to an old "Star Trek" episode by having the Alien eggs be silicon based as opposed to carbon. What kills the film is the awful (yet hilarious) dialogue, insane plot holes and ultra cheezy effects. Cozzi does what he can to salvage the film from the silly effects with some clever editing tricks but only he is to blame for the awful dialogue... but it's wonderfully awful dialogue so I can't harp on him too much for that.Against Cozzi fashion the filmmakers casted a rather homely woman as our lead considering Cozzi is known for having gorgeous bombshells in his pictures (most notably the curvy Caroline Munro who ran around in a space bikini in "StarCrash"). Underrated British actor Ian McCulloch (whom Italian cult film fans may recognize from "Zombie" and "Zombie Holocaust) saves the picture as the alcoholic astronaut who doesn't like his manhood criticized.Sure "Contamination" (released in the U.S. cut as "Alien Contamination") is bad but how could a conspiracy film with green eggs (pulsating to a hilarious sound effect), a mission to mars, a cyclops alien, gut bursting gore, an alcoholic astronaut, an exploding rat and another bad ass score from the rock group Goblin not be at least a little entertaining. For fans of bad yet entertaining Italian trash.... you have yourself a treasure trove with "Contamination."

Alex L (ru) wrote: Hik\larious..good humour

Keaton T (ca) wrote: Truely the perfect western, with great acting, a great screenplay, the best scenery, a memorable score and great dynamic characters.

Cha t (nl) wrote: More like ShockO Cane in it's day but much tamern ow. Must see this journey to be understood.

Ben S (au) wrote: The music and dancing are extraordinary.

Aj V (gb) wrote: I really liked the story and it was funny enough, but the ending was horrible. Overall it's just okay.

John K (ag) wrote: Best Star Wars parody of all time!