Years ago, when Abhijit was a boy, he learned his father was involved in extramarital relationships. He kept it secret for several years, until tension rose too high and he left for Cape Town. Time passes and Abhijit is called by his mother. His father had contracted the AIDS virus. It was up to Abhijit to be the bigger person to comfort his father, even after all he had done, in his last moments of life.

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Bea W (kr) wrote: What movie? This was a total waste of time. It lacked everything--character development, back story (well, any story really), plot, common sense. Just one example of the many pieces of craziness: houses do not completely fall apart in a little more than a year especially really expensive houses. How insanely stupid does a reviewer have to be not to see this major flaw in this story? Are these "professional" reviewers so far away from real life that they don't know this? There are so many reasons that the "solution" for the house is one of the dumbest ideas ever that I cannot even begin to discuss it. Both my husband and I lost it at this point. Did I really just waste my time on a script for that would have gotten a high school student a C? (And the C would have been BECAUSE it was a high school student. College level would have gotten a review similar to this one and an F.) Yup, we did just waste our time. Just to be clear, this is, without a doubt, one of the worst movies I have even wasted time watching.

Pathmanathan D (gb) wrote: Interesting concept worth watching once.Rating - 3/5

MarieClaude C (mx) wrote: A documentary about a 4.5 month old Palestinian baby with an immune deficiency disorder who is able to receive a bone marrow transplant thanks to the donation of an anonymous Israeli donor. The medical story itself was very captivating, but the tensions between the two sides/religions made the movie even more inspiring.

Caitlin L (br) wrote: Disappointing. Not my favorite of his.

Lotti K (nl) wrote: I have more and more trouble with Mamet as the years go on. He seems to have little respect for women, and the swearing / racist epithets seemed designed to shock more than to illustrate a point. But I like how this ended, at least. :)

aidsheikh94 S (jp) wrote: Pretty well made as a remake of Godfather.

Jessie D (fr) wrote: I love Cecilia Roth, so I've watched this movie several times along with her other works. But in this one I was introduced to Kuno Becker.... Oh so yummy!

James T (fr) wrote: a really good book and movie. it really makes you feel for the character.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: A fantastic film that has actually grown more important and relevant over time.

John P (ru) wrote: Surprisingly the most memorable skits was Murphy's PG rated scenes that made him one of the greatest stand up comics involving his childhood and family. Real or not real it paved the way for many comics to try and immitate his style.

Laurie W (es) wrote: actually krakatoa is west of java,,,hmmm

Frdric M (au) wrote: A Noir Melodrama. A Must See