A young woman left her family for an unspecified reason. The husband determines to find out the truth and starts following his wife. At first, he suspects that a man is involved. But gradually, he finds out more and more strange behaviors and bizarre incidents that indicate something more than a possessed love affair.

Possession is a 1981 French-German horror drama directed by Andrzej Żuławski. The film revolves around Mark (Sam Neill) - a spy returning from a spying mission to see that his wife, Anna (Isabelle Adjani), wants a divorce. She does not say why, but insists it is not because she found someone else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Possession torrent reviews

Pavan K (kr) wrote: never way too interesting, but manages to just hold your interest till the end..

David U (mx) wrote: Another feelgood clubber film, and as such it's pretty good. There's certainly plenty of wit to go around.

Jordan G (gb) wrote: Good background movie and nothing more.

Nia E (us) wrote: Has fewer memorable moments than its predecessor, but still fun. I like that the only decent female in the film got the most entertaining death scene. Dialogue as brilliant as 'Help! Oh god! They want to eat us!' add to its great comedy value.

Eric H (us) wrote: Jarmusch is minimalist to the core with this one, and yet manages to pull off a solid story. A small black and white gem that deserves a larger audience. There are required viewing movies for classics and required viewing for film history. There are thousands upon thousands of movies that film buffs and film makers should watch or at least keep in mind about getting around to seeing. Stranger than Paradise is one of those I'd eagerly recommend to anyone who likes the thought of making movies but gets overwhelmed by the prospect of getting involved in what seems like such a complicated process. It just goes to prove that something amazing can be made out of something simple with a little forethought and a lot of care.

Jay S (br) wrote: Starring Isaac Stern's left hand.

Mr D (de) wrote: Anti-Nazi fictional propaganda movie. 5 Gangsters go to Germany to kill Hitler for one million dollars. The beginning is slow and only the ending is worth watching,On wikipedia they connect this movie with inglourios basterds. Somehow the story is a bit the same.

Alexander L (jp) wrote: This movie has something other copycats don't have: magic. It's in the form of enchanted music and animation that forever reigns in the halls of fantasies alike. Each piece fluently sweeps us off our feet like a magic carpet because the stories are engaging, and the music thunders in our ears as if to cast a wonderful spell upon us all. It surprises us with every emotion connected to human thought and feeling. The highlight of this film is the last segment "Ave Maria," and I say this because Walt Disney was a bold man, never afraid to venture out into the religious aspects of our world as portrayed by the monks who embark on a pilgrimage to everlasting peace with the Almighty God. The piece is executed well, and the feeling of the music shifts from a perilous sorrow to an everlasting hope for the righteous followers. It is a marvelous piece, and I highly recommend it to those who admire the greatest of movies.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Bad acting, naff special effects and a number of poor casting choices, not least of all Paul Telfer as Hercules who seems to have been cast merely because he looks good with his shirt off rather than any acting ability ! Hercules is not meant to be a pretty boy but a man's man !