Post Coitum

Post Coitum

The end of an affair from the woman's point of view.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   murder,   fire,  

The end of an affair from the woman's point of view. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Des T (es) wrote: loved it, very funny

Ethan L (de) wrote: Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I found it entertaining. B

Simbu N (ag) wrote: One of my good friend suggested me to watch this drama and he use to say some highlight scenes in this drama. I saw this drama after hearing the full story of all parts but i never get bored or lose my excitements of this drama. This one is a perfect thriller, action and brainy one . awesome editing work, art work , dialogue, screen play ,good BGM(BGM in this make u ever more sticky to the drama ) the last season of this dram was to the core i started watching it at eve 7pm without skip i have watched it fully till morning really this one was awesome

Robert B (ca) wrote: Credo (Toni Harman, 2008) I've gotten a string of pretty crappy low-budget horror flicks recently, and thus Credo was something of a surprise. It doesn't quite get the whole "here's how you set up a twist ending" thing down, but it's well-acted and atmospheric, and it's obvious someone put some real thought into this script. Plot: five friends get kicked out of their London flat after a party turns sour. There's Alice (The Descent's MyAnna Buring), the studious one, who spends all her time cramming for finals; party-boy Jock (The Matrix Reloaded's Clayton Watson), an American exchange student whose antics got them thrown out in the first place; Jazz (The Bill regular Rhea Bailey), Jock's sometime girlfriend; Scott (The Complete Map of the Universe's Mark Joseph), an electronics whiz with a horrible crush on Alice; and Timmy (Just Ines' Nathalie Pownall), Alice's best friend. Alice, of course, retreats to the library instead of looking for another place to stay, but when it closes and she's sitting in an all night coffee shop, she gets a call from Scott saying Jock has found them another place to stay. Turns out he has a friend who does security at an abandoned monastery where, urban legend has it, five divinity students tried to summon Belial, after which four committed suicide (or the demon made it look that way) and the fifth went crazy. Needless to say, there's a reason the place has stood abandoned since... Credo is Harman's only feature film; she normally makes direct-to-video how-to stuff about baby and child care. Which makes this even more surprising, and makes me wonder if I don't give the actors enough credit sometimes for the quality of a film; perhaps as long as you have a competent team behind the cameras, it all comes down to how good your acting talent is. And so you take a low-budget horror film and stock it with competent behind-the-scenes staff and then load up on decent-to-really-really-good acting talent and you come up with something that should really be a winner. For some reason, the Brits seem to excel at this (Long Time Dead and Lie Still immediately come to mind), and Credo is another good example. When it comes right down to it, the effectiveness of the atmosphere was pretty easy to pull off; you just keep things half-dark (thankfully, lighting techs Martyn Culan and Joel Rainsley understand the difference between keeping things dark and making this too murky to actually see; this is little surprise, given that Culpan has recently worked on slightly bigger-budget films like The King's Speech and Four Brothers) and add some spooky sounds and hey, instant atmosphere. What makes it work, or not, is how the characters react to it, and as long as you've got good enough actors, you're gold. Similar, you've got this script, and it's pretty darned good, and you throw bad actors at it, they're going to mess up the timing and delivery and all that jazz. You get actors who can really understand it and, well, you get this. I should mention that a number of people seem disappointed/confused by the ending. You'll need to pay attention, and it is designed to be confusing there for a few minutes, but it makes absolute sense once you think about it. (Hint: take the first sequence at face value, and then pay very close attention to the last spoken line in the film, a flashback to an earlier scene, which explains the entire mechanism.) We're not talking timeless cinema here, but taken for what it is, it's quite good. ***

Don L (nl) wrote: This film borrowed recipes from every superhero plot out there, stuck them in a bag, shook them up and came out with this uneventful film. A comedic element could have possibly saved it, but they decided to take themselves way too seriously. It was kinda cool to see another hero with ski goggles out there though. Hope they didn't fog up too much.

Roy S (ru) wrote: worse movie ever, i didn't lose my time seeing it though, it's a total joke.

Denise P (it) wrote: The ending may not be as moving as one could hope for, but the Mexican biographical film La Bamba is nevertheless a delight to watch because it's an absorbing, heartfelt and energetic experience about the journey into superstardom -- exemplified by plenty of passionate performances and toe-tapping tunes.

James (au) wrote: interesting film with some disturbing scenes worth a try id you like the unusual.

Cristbal S (mx) wrote: Visually stunning, "Children of Men" counts with amazing performances and a masterful direction, its final act left me without words and made me tear up in a reflection about what humanity and hope is. Truly a modern sci-fi master piece.