Postcards from Leningrad

Postcards from Leningrad

During the armed uprisings of the sixties left in Venezuela, a young guerrilla should give birth in secret. To her surprise, her daughter is the first to be born MOTHER'S DAY and photos appear in the press. Since then, both have to flee. Costumes, fake names are hiding places and everyday life GIRL, narrator of this story. Together with his cousin TEO, reinvent the adventures of their guerrilla parents, building a fantastic maze of superheroes and strategies around armed subversion, in which you never know where reality begins, or madness. But the children's game can not hide the death, torture, accusations and betrayals that live inside the guerrillas.

Se fueron a salvar al mundo y los seguimos esperando Durante los levantamientos armados de izquierda de los años sesenta en Venezuela... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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