After false reports of his demise put him and his work on the map, an artist decides to continue the charade by posing as his own brother. Soon, a reporter enters his life and has a profound effect on him.

After false reports of his demise put him and his work on the map, an artist decides to continue the charade by posing as his own brother. Soon, a reporter enters his life and has a profound effect on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake H (es) wrote: Outstanding! Saw it twice and still scared.

Enrique O (ag) wrote: Entretenida, pero ah no ms.

Andrew K (us) wrote: It's sad how painfully unfunny Get Smart is. Stranded, it's cast is misplaced and wasted as the "jokes" are of the lowest intellect variety.

John S (de) wrote: Unless you want to see Ewan MacGregor getting it on with three different girls, two of whom appear completely nude, this movie really isn't for you.I like MacGregor as an actor- just not in this movie. There didn't seem to be any sort of plot or anything to it. Sure, there was a dead body and a bunch of flashbacks and things, but they could easily have removed the sex scenes and one nasty bit of profanity and made this a PG-13 movie.What I mean by that is that the plot doesn't seem to be the main focus of the story, and MacGregor seems so cold and stone-hearted and hard to figure out (not in a good way) that the main focus isn't the characters, either. There are way too many insignificant aspects, the sex scenes being one of them.The Bottom Line: Ultimately, only fans of NC-17 material, and, possibly, die-hard fans of Ewan MacGregor will enjoy this one. And I'm still not sure why the movie was called "Young Adam".

Victoria W (mx) wrote: i love this movie!! its very cute and although predictable, is a cute story!

Alex M (gb) wrote: A nearly flawless film that explains the horrors that war wreaks on innocent bystanders. But it will depress you for a full week, minimum.

Lidia P (gb) wrote: Proof that french people all look the same, and that Melville is a genius. There is old school spy trickery at work and I love it.

David K (fr) wrote: An extravagant setting of the Broadway musical, with some of the original cast. Authentic and true to its time.

Steve M (ru) wrote: Doctor X Starring; Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, and Lee Taylor Director: Michael Courtiz A killer is stalking Gotham, butchering women--young and old--with a scalpel and surgeon-like precision. When the police turn their investigation toward the medical research insitutue operated by Dr. Xavier (Atwill), he hopes to prevent the entire institute from being tarred by scandal by conducting a scientific experiement that will identify the killer on his staff. With the moral support of his beautiful daughter (Wray) and a wisecracking crime-beat reporter (Taylor) standing by for the scoop of the decade, Xavier brings his collegues to his isolated country house... where the murderer soon proves himself quite unwilling to submit to Xavier's experiments, but not so shy about stabbing the house guests. "Doctor X" is a fun little film that mixes the mystery, comedy, romance, and horror genres into a bubbling cauldron of craziness. From the collection of four surgeons at Xavier's institute, each more suspicious and apparently crazy than the one before; to Xavier's creepy bulter; to Xavier himself, the cast of characters here provide a rich pool of suspects. Wray and Taylor offer something attractive to look at admidst the strange collection of doctors and the bizarre, shadow-haunted scenery of the picture, with Wray presenting both radiant beauty and a very charming, very smart character. (In fact, Wray's beauty surrounded by the calculated ugliness of the rest of the film is a contrast that heightens just about every aspect of the film. Something that will strike viewers coming to this film without foreknowledge--as I did--will be struck by the fact that instead of the expected greys and blacks, the film appears to be in sepia tones... until Wray makes her first appearance on screen, wearing a dress that's a startling, vibrant green in among the shadows and reddish-brown tones of the majority of the scenery. Later, there are other splashes of red and green; "Doctor X" was shot in an early version of Techicolor, and, while I found the reddish and/or greenish tint that was cast over everything generally tiresome, the bright splashes of concentrated color wow'ed me every time they appeared. As a historical artifact in the development of film techniques, or just as a fun little comedy/thriller that's crammed to the brim with mad scientists, "Doctor X" is a movie that I think any lover of classic movies will enjoy immensely.

Mikael E (ru) wrote: this had to be a school project. the grade could not be anything than an F .. pretty funny though that people who have seen the film with jason statham rated this instead.. haha

Nilufer R (jp) wrote: I've never liked Julianne Moore or her acting and this movie was no surprise however I'd have to admit it really started quite interesting, the narration was great, it seemed like it was going to be surprisingly good comedy but that was just the beginning. The grading with a red pen was cool too, that's about it.