Postman Blues

Postman Blues

A postman is mistaken for a dangerous criminal by the police.

A postman is mistaken for a dangerous criminal by the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellie L (mx) wrote: it was pure torture to watch.

Chris C (de) wrote: its possible no one will get to see this, but in its behemoth running time and its lurid, desolate landscapes, Costa's masterpieve conjurs up ghosts of the old west, the newest industry and a dead romance that lifts every single frame upwards. a truly unbelievable piece of cinematic art.

Virginia E (ca) wrote: A poetic look at an old hotel which has housed many-a-famous-starving-artist.Very artistic, flavorful, and emotional. Great music, poetry and all that jazz.

Kaushik G (it) wrote: Based on 1984 Sikh riots , Directed by gulzar movie highly engrossed with suspense and thrill but lacks in depth of plot and climax.Well Played by Chandchur and Om Puri and direction & music well ahead of that time, gulzar has delivered you a good package that is still fresh to see now.

Nick W (es) wrote: Absolutely the worst film ever made - and not in a good way!

Sandy K (kr) wrote: Writer CS Lewis (Anthony Hopkins) has his predicatable life interrupted by an unexpected friendship with American writer Joy Gresham (Debra Winger) that blooms into a powerful love. Terrific acting and a memorable examination of the ways grief and sorrow are linked to happiness.

Heather K (fr) wrote: This is one of the most original and funny horror-comedies that I've had the pleasure to come it has Steve Buscemi, what more can you ask for? Buscemi plays Ed, a pathetic fellow who is forced to take over the hardware store after his Mother dies. He can't quite get over her and tries to act as she would until one day he had an unusual visitor. A salesman shows up and offers him the chance to have his Mother back...for a fee of course. Well Ed snatches up this idea and just as Ed starts to hook up with the attractive neighbor girl Mom shows up, and she's as strange and controlling as ever! In order to keep Mom alive Ed is to give her a bug a day (or two I forget) but she gets into the supply and goes crazy trying to eat anything she can get her hands on! Soon she's leaping fences, chasing dogs and getting into assorted mayhem. It's quite the specticle and the film is perfectly cast. The laughs start almost immediately and carry on throughout which makes it extremely easy and fun to watch. I'm surprised this one didn't get more distribution or even end up in any local video stores because it's quite the all-around gem! It should be noted that this is pretty much goreless entirely and definitely more of a comedy than anything!

Freddie C (ru) wrote: How popular do you think this movie would've been if MJ hadn't written the theme song?

Lee M (au) wrote: While it's better than its predecessor, it's still not quite up to its inspiration.

nic e (kr) wrote: Man I hated this movie as a always creeped me out and it seemed to get so boring once it turned into cartoon.

w k (ca) wrote: Not one of his better movies. THink alone the lines of a bad Madmax

dan u (kr) wrote: Started a bit slow, but in the end, it's a good movie.