In this Swedish TV drama, a once-kittenish young woman has become a fortyish spinster, still helping her widowed father on the family farm. Marta drives tractors, does the planting and harvesting, and helps to maintain the property. Meanwhile her father Johansson worries and wonders if his aging daughter will ever find a man to marry her. Into this tense situation comes Sture, the potato seller,,,

In this Swedish TV drama, a once-kittenish young woman has become a fortyish spinster, still helping her widowed father on the family farm. Marta drives tractors, does the planting and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Potatishandlaren torrent reviews

Fernando Jos G (jp) wrote: Una trama inteligente y muy bien armada. Un thriller hbil que lleva a un Philip Hoffman en su ltima actuacin de su vida, de manera impecable. Serena pero astuta, clara y excelente; con un final abrupto pero totalmente justificable. Es realmente satisfactorio.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You and I don't exist.A headhunter, thief, and killer when needed are hired to steal an infamous painting from a ruthless mercenary. The mercenary will deploy unusual measures to keep the thief from being successful. The thief gets caught in the mercenary's web of security measures and quickly finds his life at risk. The headhunter will need to cut, murder, and sacrifice if he hopes to be success."Like I was trying to say before I was interrupted by a Russian prostitute..."Morten Tyldum, director of The Imitation Game, Buddy, Fallen Angels, and the upcoming Passengers, delivers Heahunters. The storyline for this picture is fairly unique and blends crime drama with action and gore. The cinematography is excellent as is the acting."I've got her for the whole weekend!"I came across this some time ago on Netflix and randomly decided to add it to my wish list. I just got around to seeing it and found this way better than I anticipated. I adored how the main character was written and presented. I recommend seeing this once for fans of foreign film."I've been scared since I met you."Grade: B+

Eric N (nl) wrote: Great doc on why our schools suck so badly.

Po Po L (nl) wrote: i loooove this !!! i wanna see more !!

Scott R (jp) wrote: THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!! SO BAD:-(

Holly K M S (ca) wrote: As far as horror films go, this doesn't disappoint. The concept boasts enough verisimilitude to make you fear Eastern Europe for months... Conforming to so many pieces brought out around this sort of time, it's packed with guts, gore and an ever increasing body count. I'm not sure how much of the gore actually served a function. Following a similar pattern to Saw, it's frequently overdone. So much so that within the first hour or so you can become generally desensitised which shows it's losing it's shock value. I'm a bit old fashioned in the sense that I think adding infrequent moments of gore serve to shock and lacing the entire film with it in full force does little more than indicate the producer an unusual fantasist. Violence should be used to shock, not as a narrative tool. Generally, a good film. I would watch again (and have done several times)

Darrin H (it) wrote: Everyone should see this. Very well made documentary about the plight of Tibet. I was attached to the screen. It is at times hard to watch and very sobering. The most depressing fact is that we pander to the Chinese because we want their business. We are all supporting the subgiation of Tibet! I did not realize that when Nixon went to China we ended our support of the Tibetian cause in favor of selling them our crap. 1 out of every 6 Tibetians has been killed since 1959 and now live as foreigners in their own land unable to get a job and unable to continue their rich and PEACEFUL culture. No one talks about Tibet, spread the word. The struggle for liberation of Tibet is the struggle for the human cause of freedom everywhere! We can end this if we have the desire, it happened in South Africa and it can happen again! The US needs to get serious with China in regards to human rights. (Ok, I am done and am going to lie down and calm down for a while.)

Shawn M (jp) wrote: Cut indie...coming of age with a few twists...Culkin actually very good...most of the non-Mucully's are though...

Ryan H (es) wrote: As an aspiring filmmaker that lacks any especially spectacular ideas for films, movies like the Turkish Uzak are inspirational. To put it simply, Uzak is just about people being people. Granted, these people are painfully lonely, but no scene in the film feels out of place from a normal day. This is the least cinematic film I've ever seen. By no means am I suggesting that it's bad. In fact, I think Uzak will make my eventual list of the best films I've seen from this century. However, the subject matter is wonderfully banal. It was filmed exquisitely, and is one of the more beautiful films I've seen in a while. By calling it uncinematic, I simply mean that nothing in the movie seems to fit the usual mold of what people make movies about. The movie follows to characters in Istanbul, one an established photographer in the town, the other a friend from a village coming to find work. Long scenes show the two characters watching TV, eating alone at a restaurant or simply walking around snowy Istanbul. Their solitary existence is all too easy to relate to (though the shots of the characters walking through parks and only seeing happy couples at play was a bit heavy-handed). Granted, they are fond of following attractive women around, but minus their occasional creepy habits, the characters seem like people you probably know, or even people who write rarely read movie review blogs. Like a number of movies I've written about, I can safely say that this is not a film for everybody. Nothing really happens. Not to say there is no story, but to reiterate, the film is uncinematic and there are no twists, no major plot points, nothing common place in most films. This feels almost like the work of a director unfamiliar with movies. Rather than making a movie about movies, as most movies seem to be, Uzak is really a portrayal of the actual banality of existence.

Deirdre (de) wrote: the show is waaaay better but this way pretty good

TheMindof E (br) wrote: the acting is horrible ! this film drags, and the audience cant relate to the movie since the main character is not established for the past 30min in the film

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Clint Eastwood, on the surface, this looks like a very silly comedy, but peel away the layers, and it's a good action thriller, which has some good sequences set in space. It was ever so partially inspired by astronaut John Glenn becoming the oldest person to go into space at the age of 77. It's not as cheesy as it looks, little parts of it are, but it's actually better than it looks. In 1958, William "Hawk" Hawkins (Eli Craig), Frank Corvin (Toby Stephens), "Tank" Sullivan (Matt McColm) and Jerry O'Neill (John Mallory Asher) were due to go into space, before they were snubbed in favour of a monkey. 42 years later, Corvin (Eastwood), is approached by Bob Gerson (James Cromwell), as a defunct Soviet satellite is about to fall out of orbit and the technology is obsolete, and only Corvin understands it. He recruits his old team of Hawk (Tommy Lee Jones), Tank (James Garner) and Jerry (Donald Sutherland), but they have to pass the physical tests, but what they don't know is what's on board the obsolete satellite. Eastwood has always had an unfussy directorial style, and this is no different, even though there's a lot more CGI on display. But, while it is extremely cliched, it does have some very good performances on display, it's not perfect, but Eastwood manages to have fun with the material, and the space scenes are well done.

Larry W (gb) wrote: This is STILL the best attempt to make the F4. It's not half bad.

Nyk P (ru) wrote: Leslie Nielsen for all of his good movies, did dreck like this.

Tanner B (ag) wrote: Over the Top (1987) ?Stupefyingly awful movie. Sly tries to gain custody of his son while also competing in a world championship of arm wrestling for no real reason (what's next, thumb wrestling?) Boring, soppy, inept, Stallone's attempt at subtley (with him talking more quietly) is actually difficult to hear what he's saying! Turn subtitles on for this one. Actually, read a book instead!

Carlos B (de) wrote: A poor man's Indiana Jones attempt by Chuck Norris! But I gotta tell you this movie is actually watchable, with original scenes and a predictable yet fun story. I don't know what is it about this movie, but it looks like all the actors are having fun thru out the movie. Yes ,the storyline gets silly and the movie does look dated, but if you're in the mood for some 80's adventure film, this one is for you. Fun Ride!

Jackie M (es) wrote: very good movie. loved the story line.

Tai S (nl) wrote: seriously they have a white guy playing the sudanese mahdi...hmmmm no comment

Megan W (br) wrote: My Old Lady is an outstanding movie on every level! I watched it when it was first released, and was later surprised it had not been better received. It is definitely an under-rated movie.