Powder Blue

Powder Blue

Several Angelenos meet on Christmas Eve through chance, tragedy and divine intervention. Swayze will play the sleazy owner of the strip club where Biel's character dances. Redmayne will portray a mortician who falls in love with her. Kristofferson will play the head of a corporate crime organization who tries to convince his former employee (Liotta) not to seek vengeance on his former co-workers.

After a string of incidents, four Los Angelenos - an ex-con, a stripper, an ex-priest, and a mortician - are brought together on a Christmas Eve in a tragedy intervention. The story gradually reveals who they really are, where they are from, and what will they do in that fateful occasion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh P (gb) wrote: Typical Zellweiger film. Not bad for a chick flick.

Eric F (gb) wrote: The centerpiece of "Moving Midway", film critic Godfrey Cheshire's first feature film, is the feat of picking up a house and moving it several miles away into the country. It's a spectacle that resembles the moving of the boat in "Fitzcarraldo", however here the intentions are simply to preserve tradition as opposed to Kinski's sheer insanity. The film comments a great deal on the history of the plantation, and at times it is fascinating to look at the efforts to preserve family memories when, in reality, the past is far from humanitarian. While there is a great film here - one about race, family, and how far we've come as a country - the dryness of the narration and the dull retelling of history is far from compelling. The intentions here are all good, but at times I felt as though I was simply watching someone else's home movie.Cheshire became fascinated in his family history once he learned that a North Carolinian relative, Charlie Hinton, would attempt to move an old plantation house to another lot while it was still in tact. This feat of engineering consists of hoisting the house onto rods of steel and then, by truck, carrying it away. Why the trouble? Modernization. The Hinton family was concerned by the highways and large chain stores moving into the neighborhood, and therefore they sought out quieter locale. Considering the rate that those Starbucks pop up, hopefully the Cheshires won't have to repeat the task in a few years.The discovery of Robert Hinton is perhaps the most fascinating story in the film. Robert Hinton, an African American, teaches African Studies at New York University. The contrast between such a powerful African American figure and the plantation is fascinating, and it allows for a sort of reconciliation for the Hinton's family exploitative history. The film is sentimental, but it's very sweet and highly relevant to our recent election. It's as if it's a release of the so-called "white guilt" that the Hinton's might have faced.There are some more interesting scenes regarding race in a film that celebrates a plantation. The best scene in the movie is when Robert Hinton observes a Civil War reenactment. It is, of course, quite odd that the enthusiasts seem to have forgotten what the Civil War was all about - it becomes a game of role playing rather than a ceremony respecting the dead and the progress of our country. Robert, however, says he's fine with it as long as the outcome continues to remain the same."Moving Midway" is competently constructed, and it's clearly a film that will continue to mean a heck of a lot for the Hintons for years to come. For all of us unrelated, however, it's quite dull and overly-sentimental. The film is available on NetFlix Instant View.

Alfredo S (au) wrote: How to Train your Dragon demonstrates cliches work if they actually are done with depth and likeability in its characters.

Pam G (gb) wrote: I did not read the book but I think this movie is great!

Toni B (br) wrote: Costumes, accents, and feelings--oh my! Such a sweet little movie.

David U (fr) wrote: I ordinarily reserve the half-star rating for movies I actively hate, but I don't actively hate this one, it's just that bad - to the point it's almost not funny. The absurdity of the plot and cheesy effects would be much more enjoyable were it not for the hideous dialogue. The actors seem to feel the need to constantly talk when there is nothing to say. Seriously, shut your goddamn face for a second. To be absolutely fair though, I did laugh out loud toward the end.

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CJ C (jp) wrote: A Terry-Thomas classic. At Netflix.

Senor C (ca) wrote: Picked this one up blind @ the library & was pleasantly surprised by it. It's strength lay in a two actor factor. For one it has Charles Bronson in it in a early small role. That absolutely thrilled me when he showed up. The 2nd is Burt Lancaster who steals & runs away w/ each & every scene that he's in. Dressed in black he's sorta a son of a bitch escpecially to his woman but that's not saying that she's didn't have it coming. Surprisingly the weakness of this comes from Gary Cooper. He seemed tired & his character is so good it's dull seemingly underplayed. Western fans check it out. You can do much worse in an American Western

Chris R (kr) wrote: Like a road film of old. Nice bikes, beautiful surroundings and a nice musical soundtrack. The tale of Robert Wolf is one of loss, justice, redemption and love. With real meaning behind it and what happens on reservations