Pra Frente, Brasil

Pra Frente, Brasil

The film is set on mid-1970, when the military regime's "economic miracle" and the victory of the Brazilian national football team on the FIFA World Cup serves as a distraction for the persecution of opposition leaders by the political police of the dictatorship. Under this context, Jofre Godoi da Fonseca, an alienated middle class man, is mistaken for Sarmento, a political activist he met at an airport prior to his assassination. He is then arrested and brutally tortured by a paramilitary group of vigilantes sponsored by influential businessmen to hunt down people deemed "subversive" by the regime.

This movie is about one of the worst periods for the Brazilian people. Shows the days of military dictatorship when the Brazilian people against the government were put in jails, tortured, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (au) wrote: Not as good as the Chronicles of Narnia movies, but still so visually stunning and well made, well acted by a good cast that it is definitely worth a watch.

ken k (gb) wrote: The first half of the film drags and borders on boring...then the blood and special effects kick in and saves the day. Worth watching for Evil Dead and Dead alive fans but not nearly as good.

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Tina M (jp) wrote: it was okay i didn't like the ending that much

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