A young Czech boy is freed from a concentration camp and ends up working for the army against the Germans.

A young Czech boy is freed from a concentration camp and ends up working for the army against the Germans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris W (ca) wrote: Everything involving the Technovore is stupid. But everything else I quite enjoyed. I actually would have liked a story like this for Iron Man 3. But replace Technovore with the Mandarin (the real Mandarin). Anyways I'm getting side tracked. This movie isn't that great, but if you are a fan of anime and iron man, maybe give it a shot.

Jerome Y (fr) wrote: I know this was done last year and based on the days of youth in Taiwan... but I can see some similarities with what I had gone through :-) Nice heartwarming movie... there is a Shen Chia Yi in most people's life! :-D

Amanda H (de) wrote: I really want to like Seann William Scott, but he always plays the same character. This movie is no exception. If you've seen one lame sports spoof, you've seen them all, including this one. Nothing but a bunch of gross-out humor surrounding an incredibly weak plot. This is a waste of time.

Lucas M (mx) wrote: As in the first film, the movie attempts to create a villain out of Nick even though Chuck consistently violates ethics attempting to sculpt his version of the family. As expected, we're supposed to feel bad for Chuck - only this time around it's considerably more painful to watch.

Joyce H (au) wrote: One of the best science fiction (indie film) has such great character development WOW

D M (fr) wrote: In the future genetic research is being conducted at an advanced lab on planet Xarbia in an attempt to fix the food shortage. The organism they create mutates quickly and soon becomes a problem as it kills those in the lab. For the budget it had decent sets and effects. Lots of nudity and deaths along with a decent amount of humor. definitely has much in common with Alien. Watch with Galaxy of Terror, Horror Planet, and Saturn 3.

eJana (ca) wrote: life used to be like this :-)

Jos M (au) wrote: Gene Tierney en todo su esplendor , esconde detras de su belleza, a una mujer fria, calculadora y celosa, una villana memorable, aun tengo en la memoria la escena de ella remando en el lago.

Nik M (kr) wrote: The groundbreaking animation, top-notch voice acting, spot-on thematic writing are all the decorative elements to this beautifully-crafted all-ages film.