Menon runs into his former wife Grace, who is married to a bedridden Mathew and loves him immensely. The movie revolves around their crossing and emotes the meaning of love and its various forms.

Love is independent of circumstances or situations, people and relationships. Love is that beautiful emotion that inspires and motivates every human being to live and look ahead in hope. 'Pranayam' is a unique portrayal of that great emotion 'love' which binds man to one another through life's journey. It is a classic narration of the different dimensions of love capturing the joys and pain, loss and gain, the present and the past ... and so much more in between. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pranayam torrent reviews

Fresca D (fr) wrote: This is the most exquisite, touching and simply 'perfect' film I have ever seen - it is my all time favourite. The writing is brilliant, the acting - sublime, the music score and editing wonderfully intertwined with the exceptional twist to the character plot lines. By far the best thing I've ever seen and in particular - so knowledgable about the ins and outs of self examination and relationship to oneself, our dreams and aspirations, and the desire to be known and loved. It touched me very deeply... and I fell in love with the actors' characters and their endearing performances... How did this not get nominated for Oscar? As a Film Professional for 25 years... it takes a lot to impress me... the originality of this screenplay is really exciting... I can't wait to see what Zoe and Paul do next. Francesca Dappen

Grant H (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie. Very cool, fairly good acting. Typical clichd story, but still a good one.

Walter M (ru) wrote: After being transferred to sex crimes from the bomb squad, Sergeant Chris Mankowski(Bill Burke) takes the complaint of Greta(Sabina Gadecki) who accuses millionaire Woody Ricks(Crispin Glover) of rape. In trying to pursue the complaint against Ricks, Chris not only has to go through Donnell(Michael Jai White), bodyguard to Ricks and his brother Mark(Andy Dick), but also gets suspended under the pretense that he is no longer living within the city limits. At the same time, Skip(Christian Slater) and Robin(Breanne Racano) are also interested in the Ricks brothers, but mostly just for their fortune.The popular line of thought concerning adaptations of Elmore Leonard stories is how often they go wrong(including two vastly overrated movies in the 90's), due to not understanding their sense of humor. On the contrary, even though it is not perfect, "Freaky Deaky" nails the darkly comic tone of its story of various and sundry characters on the make, some former radicals, in 1974 Detroit.(Which might sound odd considering it is at least partially centered around a sexual assault but it still works.) With just the right amount of world weary charm, Billy Burke is terrific in the lead, with Michael Jai White also doing very well in support. And as always with Crispin Glover, Christian Slater and Andy Dick, your mileage will vary.

Matt H (ru) wrote: Remember that I watched it but cant remember anything good aboout it.


Esra (us) wrote: Wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas in a not so wonderful movie.

Sherri D (es) wrote: I just saw the new remastered version at the MIFF at Acmi Australian ageless classic and the presence of Michael lives on...

Jennifer B (fr) wrote: This film was my favorite as a kid. After rewatching it, I can see why.

Savannah H (us) wrote: I wish I could've seen it in theaters.

Bruce B (ag) wrote: I love genre-bending movies, and especially those that mix horror with comedy. That puts me dead center of the target demographic of this film. The plot is pretty silly and there certainly isn't enough action for anyone looking for scares. What saves it is the script. It's witty and never takes itself too seriously. The characters are all foils for one another, setting up some of the most entertaining dialog of any movie I know.The plot revolves around a 30 foot Asian crocodile somehow winding up in a lake in Maine - go figure. What makes the movie are the characters assembled to do something about it. Bridget Fonda is an annoying paleontologist who's never before ventured out of her museum. Here, she plays both the archetypal fish out of water as well as potential romantic interest for the local game warden, played by Bill Pullman. The essential characters are rounded out by Brendan Gleeson's dour sheriff, Oliver Platt's rich and eccentric mythology buff, and Betty White as the colorful local little old lady with a secret or two.As I said, reduced to a plot outline, it's pretty unimpressive, but the verbal barbs that fly back and forth between the characters are what make the show. It's an "action/horror" movie I could watch with my eyes shut and still enjoy. 5 Stars 11-05-13