Film starring Chiranjeevi, Juhi Chawla and Rami Reddy

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

Born in an orphanage, brought up by his strict and unrelenting school-master, Satyendra Sharma, young Siddhanth has not been shown any love or kindness in his entire life. Now he is grown ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy M (it) wrote: Watched this when it came out, and thought it was good, and it has gotten better over time. Beats the other available Lego movie hands down. It's easy for kids to follow and full of adventure. Add to that excellent voice acting and witty writing and this is sure to be a classic.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: It deserved better treatment than a silly way of being handled and performed. It also seemed rushed quite a bit with few dullest bits and some violent bits as well. Although, it's a cool superhero film with a good thought-out story and good action; but it's so far the least of the DC Universe Animated Features, and of the Justice League filmography. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Chucho E Q (mx) wrote: It's not good. The performances are all amazing (the three leads are great and the supporting cast is terrific) but the screenplay is so disgustingly bad that it's almost painful. A terrible movie from a good idea.

Private U (br) wrote: Robin Hood story mixed with computers/internet = just right for me.

Salvador D (es) wrote: Theologically probably not going to make any in-roads or discoveries, but this afterlife sketching from writer/director/sat Albert Brooks is fitfully funny and humane, with of all people Meryl Streep nearly buffaloed as a sweet but uncomplicated love interest(!). Rip Torn and Buck Henry(in more of a cameo)round out the cast.

Cha t (br) wrote: This was a precursor to Space 1999 (the TV show) Special effect were failry good but it was still used British Sci-fi mentality which I find less sofisticated than american. This was an interesting movie although the theory behind the story is impossiblle.

Blais E (es) wrote: Celebratory Japanese Monster-Mash, Godzilla's ninth outing, glutted with a majority of the well-known & well-loved Daikaiju (Japanese for "Giant Monsters") of the time. If yer a fan of the Big G's exploits, (And even if you're not-) there's alot to enjoy here as Godzilla rounds up a posse of some of his past friends & foes (Cavorting caterpillar Mothra, Ptremendous Pterosaur Rodan, Godzilla's adopted-son, the moon-faced mook Minya, slippery sea-serpent Manda, aggressive armadillo-like Angilas, spooky spider Spiga (AKA Kumonga), gallivanting and gargantuan Gorosaurus, burrowing behemoth Baragon, and prickly-prehistoric-putz Varan-) in order to usurp a proposed takeover of ole' Mother Earth by some nasty Galactic pricks (A tried-&-true plotline used before & many times after by the Godzilla-Factory, Toho-) and their monster-for-hire, the three-headed, dragon-like pain-in-the-ass from Space, Ghidorah. It takes a while to get going, but once it does, hold on! The climactic Mega-Monster Smack-Down atop Mount Fuji is priceless! (I especially love those Gorosaurus kangaroo- kicks!!)

Chiek E (it) wrote: Excellent horror film with a great story and brilliant acting from John Cusack as the cocky writer of ghost stories, Mike Enslin and Samuel L Jackson, as Mr Olin, the cautious hotel manager of Dolphin Hotel who went to great lengths to dissuade Mike Enslin of foolhardiness. Entering 1408 at great peril to himself and a mess for Mr Olin to clean up afterwards. Never in the world would I expect the Carpenters classic nostalgia " We've only just begun" incongruously used as the recurring spooky and haunting song in the haunted room 1408. Not the typical haunted stories with macabre ghosts and blood bath. Rather it was the painful memories of Mike Enslin, his deceased daughter of cancer being the worst, that would plague Mike recurrently like 'Groundhog Day' that was the most hurtful and unbearable and ultimately his reason to check out of the hotel in a fiery inferno. The best scene was the playful banter between Mr Olin and Mr Mike, one trying to dissuade the other not to venture into the room. In the meantime, not only was Mikes curiosity heightened enormously to taste the forbidden fruit but also us the audience. It was a satisfying ending because Mike Enslin, for all his cockiness and scepticism, he did not survive room 1408.

Fong K (ru) wrote: viewed on 26/9/04 (Sun)Some trivia for that the oh-so-cute elephant with big ears. His name is actually Jumbo Junior and Dumbo is the nickname given by his mother's nasty colleagues in the circus. Dumbo does not speak a word and till now, the only title character with no lines. Now that makes the animated feature more endearing. Dumbo is teased for having big ears and when his mother punishes the mocker, she is locked up as a mad elephant. Then comes the most heartwrenching moment. Easily the most touching scene in all animated films. With the help of one true friend, a rat called Timothy, Dumbo pays a visit to his mother. They can't see face to face so Dumbo's mother stretches out her trunk to cradle Dumbo. Dumbo sheds two big tears and his mother sings the Oscar-winning song , Baby Mine. Then it shows the other baby animals sleeping with their mothers. Only Dumbo is deprived of that blessing. Not only that scene can relate to all children. They can also relate to Dumbo's self-doubt and misery for being different. He is laughed at. He is made a clown and everyone sees him as a freak. Every child can feel for Dumbo. Aren't we all at one point or other made to seem different by other kids? I was called a sissy by primary school mates and my army comrades called me fat ass. Haaa...DUMBO should be watched by all children. A perfect movie to learn about parental love and loving oneself. Sadly, I have only one complaint, the weird and morbid "Pink Elephants on Parade" number. It is out of place. Some will find the sequence resplendent and spectacular but personally I feel that it is a blemish. Rating: B+

Jake G (ru) wrote: Uh..the worst horror movie...ever!

Ann Q (br) wrote: The acting is totally bad. The story lack charm. Waste of time really.