Dharampura is a city in modern secular India that is being terrorized and held at ransom by Kali Prasad, a dreaded underworld don, extortionist, who also runs his own courtroom, shielded ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   politics,   feminist,  

Dharampura is a city in modern secular India that is being terrorized and held at ransom by Kali Prasad, a dreaded underworld don, extortionist, who also runs his own courtroom, shielded ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (br) wrote: Terrible straight to dvd comedy,Just SKIP IT!!!

William W (ag) wrote: An enjoyable chase film but let down by lack of character development. You don't get to know much about the characters, the motivation of the criminals, and why they want to steal a diamond when one of his purpose is to spring his accomplice out of the police cell, not forgetting a pointless Barbie Hsu, who do nothing to the film other than to serve the film's eye candy and no, I am not expecting a romance between her and Shawn Yue's character, that will make the film even more clich (C)d. It could had been improved with better character development.A few other gripes (spoilers)...The BMW Z4M driver: Rather than track him down and crash your car into his, causing thousands (in HK $) in repair costs to yourself, wouldn't it be more simpler to track the owner down via his registration plate (which Shawn Yue did) and issue him with an arrest warrant and charge him additionally for resisting arrest, certainly not in movie standards as paperwork is considered unglamorous.The Nissan 180SX vs. police chase scene: as it is manoeuvring through a narrow alley that is inaccessible for most cars as it require them to doughnut around a 90 degree turn, as this is taking minutes, wouldn't it be wise to radio in another police car to block the other path.

Barnaby G (au) wrote: Utterly tedious. Who cares? Well, maybe if you're a designer. But I'm not. Big fat yawns. I turned it off.

Alan T (es) wrote: Unintentional comedy.

Catherine N (ru) wrote: Jane Campion has still got it in this beautifully shot film (lovely light) about John Keats and Fannie Brawn. I'd say the poetry lessons are lacking, but it's a sensitive portrayal of a doomed love affair. The intimate scenes are subtle and splendid.

Mark S (nl) wrote: some kids were sent to some psychiatric house to get tested on then go back to the house when theyre older...reminded me of the storylines of IT and dreamcatcher a little.i couldnt help but think of how stretched out traci lord's asshole is the whole time..

Jude P (de) wrote: Suffice to say the best ever espionage movie made to perfection.

Jeffery Y (it) wrote: lots and lots of fun. If you liked this, check out Black Sheep (2006).

William E (nl) wrote: Three themes in one outstanding film. A haunting song, an intense wonderful relationship of three people, the nightmare of the Nazis. A film that deserves a much wider audience; also a film that Hollywood could never make. Simply outstanding.

Crystal G (ru) wrote: The end of an era. <3.

Jeff M (us) wrote: Dog's point of view of a troubled child/megalomaniac.

Philip J (mx) wrote: One of John Carpenter's more underrated films. A neat premise which explores some interesting themes of good and evil, as well as the concepts of quantum theory and metaphysics. Surprisingly heady stuff for a low budget horror film.

George I (es) wrote: Good movie? No. Worth watching? Yes. Why? Scatman Crothers doing Karate, girls on trampolines, and Jim Kelly's "Ooooooooooy!!!!!!"

Aaron G (it) wrote: More like a history lesson than a movie, but still an important film.

Zach O (jp) wrote: Incredible. One of the best comic adaptations in existence. It even utilities panels, in some sense. A good sense of humor, fast paced, fantastic color palette, strong and delightfully over-the-top performances and beautiful cinematography. Possibly one of Mario Bava's greatest films.

Michael J (jp) wrote: has nothing to do with the original but still is amusing.