Prawo ojca

Prawo ojca

Scenariusz opowiada historię ojca, którego kilkunastoletnia córka została brutalnie zgwałcona, a sprawcy gwałtu, mimo ewidentnych dowodów winy, pozostają na wolności. W obliczu nieskuteczności wymiaru sprawiedliwości, ojciec, były kierowca rajdowy, bierze prawo w swoje ręce. Film jest opowieścią o krzywdzie i zemście, dotykającą kwestii bolesnej i trudnej: co ma czynić mieszkający w naszym państwie prawa obywatel wobec niemal zupełnej bezkarności przestępców - z jednej strony, a bezsilnością organów ścigania i indolencją wymiaru sprawiedliwości - z drugiej Akcja filmu, umieszczona na tle nowokapitalistycznego pejzażu współczesnej Polski, choć ma wiele elementów komercyjnych, nie jest kolejną kliszą amerykańskich filmów sensacyjnych. Prowokuje dyskusję o tym, gdzie przebiega granica pomiędzy odruchem ratowania własnego dziecka i wyrównaniem życiowych rachunków a krwawym odwetem

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   forest,   revenge,  

A revenge movie in the Charles Bronson mould about a truck driver out to get the thugs that gang-raped his daughter It plays out, beat by beat, exactly as you expect it will. No surprises. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivier B (gb) wrote: Absolutely zero scares and zero suspense.

Carl M (ag) wrote: Amidst the ravages of the Civil War, a strange outbreak of living death has spread across the fields of battle, causing the dead to rise up and consume the flesh of the living. A lone warrior is left to carve a new life in this twisted new world, but he will find even more to fear in the other surviving humans than in the walking dead. John Geddes' ambitious period piece reshapes the history of the walking dead in EXIT HUMANITY. Not only is the film beautifully shot and finely dressed in its best wartime attire, but it also provides powerful performances by its leading cast members Mark Gibson and Adam Seybold. Geddes spends his time carefully crafting his characters without feeling the need to rush either the action or gore, an encouraging trait that is shared with television's The Walking Dead. This allows for a clear emotional rapport with our lead that is carried on through the end of his journey. Bill Moseley joins the cast as the disillusioned General Williams, along with Dee Wallace and Stephen McHattie in other supporting roles. Rich in character, atmosphere, and mood, EXIT HUMANITY is never to be overlooked.

Karl K (fr) wrote: It's a nice movie but definately needs some story polishing. It should have a remake.

Matt M (it) wrote: A neat little Canadian indie film. I caught this one on APTN one night, and was stunned at how cleverly well it was put together. In the tradition of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Pulp Fiction, with a noirish take, the story follows a con man in many troubling situations, full of many twists and turns, where all the characters interact at one point or another in the film; one characters gain causes another's struggle and vice versa. The distinctive lighting and film stock utilized set a somber mood.

Private U (us) wrote: One of the best - especially if you've been to Detroit

Brad S (ca) wrote: - I have seen this movie from Gus Van Sant many times now, I just love it. It was in my top 10 for a brief while, might still be in my top 25. The performances are excellent, especially Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch. There's also a very young Heather Graham who is good as well. I don't love all Gus Van Sant's film, but when he gets them right, he really nails them, with this, "Elephant", and "Good Will Hunting" being prime examples. If you've never seen this one, give it a try.- Just re-watched this one, I love this film, it might even be in my top 25 All-time. It has a great story with fantastic naturalistic performances, especially from Matt Dillon. Give it a try if you've never seen it.

Matthew L (it) wrote: great actors, just too slow and restrrained. nice to see dr octopus (alfred molina) as a middle class oik.

Steve S (nl) wrote: Not a bad Aussie war movie...Good for a boring Sunday anyways :)Usually when I see WWII movies with Japs you expect gruesome killings but although this had it fair share of death they weren't horrific scenes that make you turn it off... Worth a look for a shoot em up WWII movie...

Private U (nl) wrote: Very good movie, but once you start looking forward to the next hour of it, it ends.

Nick W (de) wrote: "When I look at ya I feel wee tadpoles running up my spine!" Yeah, really!!

Joseph S (jp) wrote: Madcap whimsicle trick photography in this surreal beginning of Cocteau's beautiful Orpheus trilogy. A snowball fight to the death, and keyholes as the door to other universes, or all universes. Or maybe this universe is just our view through a keyhole, on a doorway we havent entered? Yeah its, like that.

Benjamin C (mx) wrote: Thought it sounded vaguely interesting from the guff on the back of the box - genuinely enjoyed it more than I expected, even though I've never heard of Green before, which half the other reviews seem to expect as par for the course to find it bearable. If you like supernatural horror, I'd say give it a shot.

Isaiah B (es) wrote: Reverse psychology at its finest. Half truths mixed in with lies and deception. Ultimately the movie in and of itself is designed to promote the exact agendas the movie IMO fails to try to rally everyone against; tyranny, oppression, and control. In my opinion it does this in a few different ways; explicitly states we need more gun control and then magnifies the most horrific possibilities of someone who gets an arsenal of guns along with explosives and wreaks havoc. Then it further demonizes the Middle East by stating women in the Middle East have no rights which is 100% false. The other agenda it is "covertly" promoting is the acceleration of the implementation of Marshall Law which it fails to mention even once during its endless tirade of "kill all the wealthy." Since when was being wealthy in and of itself a crime? Anyhow I was excited to see the film but in the end it is just more propaganda.

Linda H (kr) wrote: I loved this film! Really good cast and some genuinely funny moments. Glad I didn't read the reviews on here first.

Mike L (kr) wrote: Not bad. Your average thriller.