Pray for Death

Pray for Death

Akira Saito, a Japanese businessman lives in Tokyo with his Japanese-American wife Aiko and their children, Takeshi and Tomoya. When the family has a chance to move to the United States so that Aiko can teach the children about their American heritage, they pack up and head for Houston, Texas and run a restaurant. This is where the trouble begins....

The story of a Japanese businessman and his family who immigrate to USA. After running a restaurant, they are attacked by a crime syndicate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris C (kr) wrote: Fun, sparky and bright indie comedy with interesting characters and fun dialogue. A debut feature too, makes it even more impressive. Plus, TippI Hedren for God's sake. :)

Jim T (jp) wrote: Not real wacky like The Gods Must Be Crazy, and not as serious as Rabbit Proof Fence.Those are the first two movies it reminded me of. I think the third movie it makes me think of is Danny Deckchair, but I dunno why.

Max P (au) wrote: Magi?an film, bez obzira na naslov i buldoerom natrpane emocije, ba me poharao.

Adam R (ru) wrote: An unsettling thriller that features good acting from Vince Vaughn as the bad guy. (First and only full viewing - 12/21/2010)

Jordan A (ru) wrote: This movie pure crap. Overacting stinks throughout this clunker. Oliver Stone really sunk low with this one and Jaime Foxx's character is scarcely underdeveloped. 1 out of stars.

Madeline C (jp) wrote: Omg, the 90s, how I miss them. I loved this movie so god damn much, I wanted to be her!

Sean D (jp) wrote: Just as good as the first! Which I barely remember! Okay, maybe not better than the first! But still a great film! A fun, easy-to-follow plot, with two romance subplots and generally it's just a wholesome, fun, '90s comedy.

Igor A (de) wrote: e od tuka bese Crni Bombarder iskopiran :)

Crystal M (ca) wrote: A strange film - but i love it - one of my fave films - i recomend any1 to see it.

Scott N (au) wrote: from my childhood I remember it being good fun

Ileana A (au) wrote: I do not like musicals but I gotta say I love this one.