Rukmani gets married to Rana and faces endless abuse and beatings which do not end even when she gets pregnant. The Police arrest Rana for Robbery, try him in Court and sentence him to ...

Rukmani gets married to Rana and faces endless abuse and beatings which do not end even when she gets pregnant. The Police arrest Rana for Robbery, try him in Court and sentence him to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Preetam torrent reviews

intuciic (ru) wrote: nothing special, quite boring

Niklas S (ca) wrote: Ohhh, this was so shitty that it was entertaining. I have to give some props to the overly french detective in the movie. Otherwise this movie will keep you watching just to see what they are gonna mess up next. Great B-horror fun.

Matthew D (it) wrote: Some cliche aspects hardly hinder this more adult look at children's real life and reckless behavior. This film speaks to me for one boys passion for filmmaking and one boys art of imagination. Very warm and uplifting ending.

Matthew G (br) wrote: I first saw this on a bus from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok. I nearly vomited, but it was just too good to ignore.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Undeservedly overlooked by everyone when released, this film does deserve a watch, especially if you're a fan of British comedy. It does have flaws and drags in places (especially when the tennis couple aren't on screen), but it's still an amusing and well-written mockumentary.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: A very silly, trashy movie that isn't even afraid to call itself trash in its own title.

Matt K (kr) wrote: What, is this supposed to be a rip-off of Steven Spielberg's classic?

Jesse M (nl) wrote: After watching "Sunset Boulevard" as the first half of a double feature at the great Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, "Picnic" was following up a pretty tough act. My expectations on this one weren't too high and they were met right on. William Holden stars as a guy who drifts into a small midwest town, seeks out his friend, falls for his buddies girl, ruins the famed Labor Day picnic of the title, eludes the cops, and rides the rails on out of town with the girl played by Kim Novak going to be with him by bus. It's all rather silly and surely risque for a 1955 movie going public! Good golly teenage girls smoking! They even say "slut"! It comes off as cornball comedy for the most part and I swear Holden has his shirt off or torn so often that a remake would just have to star the toolish talents of Matthew Mcgounahy. This is one picnic I won't ever feel the need to return to.

Shaun M (kr) wrote: surprise twist.. kinda good.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Diamonds Are Forever is a decent film. It is about a diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Las Vegas. Sean Connery and Jill St. John give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Guy Hamilton did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action and adventure.

Andy F (mx) wrote: Barely tolerable. It's ok while it is a straight thriller but the longer it goes on and the more it tries to be horror the worse it gets. By the end your main feeling will be relief that it's over.

Kevin C (au) wrote: Ip Man has become some sort of martial arts folk legend thanks to all these movies about him, kicked off by the Donnie Yen one, simply titled Ip Man. This movie came out about a year after Ip Man did and does its eat to trick viewers into believing it's of the same series as the Donnie Yen ones (it's even called Ip Man Zero sometimes). It stars Dennis To, who does kind of look like a young Donnie Yen and also does his best to mimic Yen's performance as Ip Man. I was prepared for basically a low budget rip off just trying to cash in on the Ip Man name. And though that's basically what this is, it's a pretty high quality rip off and I was surprised that I didn't hate it.All the Ip Man stories build him up to be some sort of martial arts god who savesChina from invading foreigners with his lightning fists and steel integrity. This one is no different, though it runs through his early years, following his training in Wing Chun. This movie might be based in some fact, but I seriously doubt Ip Man was fighting ninjas in his school while training, so I'll assume at least the third act of this movie is completely made up. But who knows, maybe it's not. The fighting in this movie is actually not bad. There are some incredibly stiff looking fights but most are shot decently enough to look entertaining and fast.There's not really much else to say about this. If you need a quick martial arts fix as you wait for the next legit entry in the Ip Man film series, this one is enough to distract you for an hour and a half. Don't expect any of the emotional gung-ho-ness of the originals, but the fights are a decent enough approximation. Oh, I did like how they addressed the mixing of styles in this movie. Not sure if that actually happened or not, but it's something not usually talked about in Chinese martial arts movies.Oh yea... Bonus confusing points for having both Sammo Hung and Louis Fan in this movie but playing completely different characters than they were in the Donnie Yen movies. And the soundtrack is kind of a rip off of Hans Zimmer's Last Samurai score.

Guillaume H (kr) wrote: The extreme bad does not exceed the very good. The bad : boy actor is adorable but beyond fake and Chris Sarandon is generally terrible, many lines are unbearably cheesy, the car chase is fun but truly stupid and there's a lot of dumb moves. On the bright side, its really fun, has an excellent progression, many ideas to keep it going, and hey, it became a classic so that's got to count for something. I just re-watched it as an adult for the first time after having seen it dozens of times as a kid and i like it just as much if not more.