It's the true-life story of legendary track star Steve Prefontaine, the exciting and sometimes controversial "James Dean of Track," whose spirit captured the heart of the nation! Cocky, charismatic, and tough, "Pre" was a running rebel who defied rules, pushed limits ... and smashed records ...

Based on the life of Olympic hopeful Steve Prefontaine, a long distance runner who lived in Oregon and died young. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heath H (jp) wrote: My Favorite John Wayne movie. It is hard watching "the Duke" die.

Diane H (au) wrote: God has a plan for him, and it's not good!At the end of Fargo, another Coen brothers film, I had to sit there for a moment and all I could think was, "Wow!" I had the same "wow" moment at the end of this one, probably more so.

Gene A (es) wrote: Solid Story. Characters are Real .Keeps you on the edge of your seat. More Mental than physical action.

Barry P (es) wrote: Exceptional, so much so that the incredible length of it is not noticed at all

Robert H (kr) wrote: I honestly don't know where to start with this one. It took me twotries to get through it, as the first 20 minutes nearly put me to sleep(on second thought, maybe I should watch these so late at night...).Whatever, in any case the filmmakers seemed to have a few things theywanted to say with PIT FIGHTER, but much of the "message" (if one cancall it that) is blunted by not really explaining anything and massiveimbalance in the narrative threads that would have fleshed out exactlywhat we were supposed to divine from this poorly edited mess of anaction film. It's also bookended by a couple of Bible quotes that havesomething to do with the scenes they immediately precede/follow, butlittle else (in my estimation).The basic plot is that a mysterious man who nearly died in a shootoutand has memory loss gets taken under the wing of a low level criminalin the Mexican mafia (Steven Bauer, SCARFACE). He discovers/remembers atalent for fighting, and so he starts participating in undergroundkickboxing matches for money. All the while he has memories of a womanhe loved and thought dead, but things change when he sees her one nightafter a fight.As messy and cheap as the film is, it's not all for nothing. There is adecent amount of kickboxing action, and brutal action at that. Therewas one scene with a guy's eyeball hanging out of his skull, which waskind of cool. I also thought that the overall pacing of the fightsequences was adequate so that the overly ponderous narrative never gottoo much to take. The best action scene is probably the final shootoutbetween the titular "fighter" and what I'm guessing was the Mexicanmafia. You get to see him mow through all of these guys, often usingtheir own weapons against them, and then resorting to a sword that hebrought with him. The gunplay and sword-fighting was a nice changeupfrom the brawling that came before it.Where the film misses is about everywhere else. They tried to make themain character, Jack (as we learn late into the film), into somereligious nut. He allows opponents to "show off" by beating him upbefore knocking them out. He donates his winnings to a local priest(from Ireland? The ethnic makeup of the cast was head-scratching attimes. Was everyone except the mafia an immigrant or living theretemporarily?). He also has visions of the Virgin Mary that aren'texplained (except kind of at the end where the actual person he's beenseeing is named). It was all rather weird, and the last minuterevelations/memories he has about his forgotten past smacked ofnarrative convenience, i.e., to add an extra wrinkle to the finalconflict.Another issue is the major subplot regarding Jack's girlfriend(?)Marianne, who turns out to be some universityprofessor-turned-revolutionary stealing from the mafia in order to fundantigovernment rebels (or something like that). The story of anamnesiac who remembers his past and then confronts it would have beensufficient, in my opinion. But, I guess the filmmakers thought since itwas set in a Central American country they might as well throw in somehalf-baked subplot about the very real political and social turmoil inthe region...without any nuance, of course.As for the other elements, the acting was generally poor. The bestactor was Steven Bauer (of SCARFACE fame), but even it seemed like hewas phoning it in. The oddest of the cast had to have been the "doctor"who patches Jack up at the beginning. He had these weird mannerisms andspeech pattern that was really off-putting. It also didn't help thathis dialogue didn't seem based in reality (I know the filmmakersweren't medical experts, but come on, they could have researched alittle bit). The cinematography was decent for a low-budget movie, withthe occasional shot that looked like it could be part of a TVdocumentary, but the washed-out look was kind of depressing and justemphasized how cheap-looking everything was. Camera-work was OK, Iguess, but nothing special.Overall, I would say that only those with the lowest of standards wouldpossibly get any enjoyment out of this. It had the potential to belaughably bad, but the tone and look would make it hard to have funwith a drinking game, were someone inclined to make one out of this.Basically, this wasn't worth my time and it probably won't be worthyours either.

Matt B (mx) wrote: One of the worst. I can't even...... Just why?

YUNG S (mx) wrote: This movie is a visual of my favorite crime thrillers.

keri r (de) wrote: a great movie i want to get

Adam W (jp) wrote: Wow, just wow. I don't even know how to describe that. I get the social commentary aspect, it's not subtle. The special effects makeup and prosthetics were good, it was just really really weird.

Ty D (ag) wrote: An ambitious film that hit all of its ambitions.

Vtor M (jp) wrote: Um estudo elegante e moral do desejo na vida de um homem casado que est atrada outra mulher.

Tim R (ru) wrote: Dumb and Dumber To reminds us it's still great to have a great time with some friends!

Robert E (fr) wrote: One of the most enjoyable documentaries I have ever seen. It is about the journey of an unemployed social worker who stops into a dive motel, befriends some wannabe musicians, becomes their manager and makes them to musical superstars. Who are they? Janis Joplin, Alice Cooper and Jimmy Hendrix. One hilarious story is how he had booked Wembley Stadium for Alice Cooper and had only sold 50 tickets the day before the concert. So he devises a publicity stunt that captures the international press and sells out the stadium in time for the concert. The guy is a genous.He also becomes the agent for many movie stars, produces many famous movies and creates the celebrity chef category of entertainment.

Kristen M (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would. The events are well documented and truly quite the miracle!

Edgar M (kr) wrote: Not really a fan of this movies but it was a very good movie.