Sanjay Verma has been having hallucinations of a past life as Shantanu. He meets Sonia Verma, and recognizes her as the girl named Lachi in his past life. He attempts to impress this upon Sonia, who is engaged, and is to be married to Vikram Malocha.

Sanjay Verma is an eligible young man, who has been having hallucinations of a past life as Shantanu. He travels to a small community and meets with Sonia Verma, and recognizes her as the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth B (fr) wrote: Interesting story. I felt so sorry for her.

Robert B (de) wrote: Paranormal Activity 3 (Henry Joost and Ariel Schulamn, 2011)I was a big, big fan of the first two Paranormal Activity movies. The first one dropped like a bomb from out of nowhere-it was one of the first found-footage films since The Blair Witch Project that actually looked like a found footage movie (probably because of Oren Peli's lack of budget). The second was slicker, but it went places, emotionally, that the first hadn't dared to go, and it succeeded in doing something that no movie has done to me since Candyman twenty years previous-it scared the pants off me in a crowded theater. So of course I had high hopes for the third installment in the franchise, and the first trailer that came out seemed pretty nifty. How much did I like Joost and Schulman (Catfish)'s first entry in the series? I'll put it this way: I've had Paranormal Activity 4 on my Netflix Instant queue since the day it appeared there...but I haven't watched it yet.NOTE: the plot synopsis necessarily contains spoilers for the first film in the series. Proceed with caution if necessary.Set in 1988, Paranormal Activity 3 purports to tell the story of how poor Katie (Up All Night's Chloe Csengery) and her little sister Kristi (Wiener Dog Nationals' Jessica Tyler Brown) first met up with the demon that has haunted Katie throughout the series. The movie focuses more on Katie and Kristi's mother, Julie (Bride Wars' Lauren Bittner) and her boyfriend Dennis (Little Children's Christopher Nicholas Smith), as well as Dennis' friend Randy (Sky High's Dustin Ingram), a videographer Dennis brings in to help document the weird things going on in the house when they start getting out of hand. We first learn something is amiss when Kristi started talking to an imaginary friend she has named Toby. While that doesn't seem out of the ordinary at the beginning, Dennis starts to realize that Toby may not be entirely imaginary after an earthquake-he captured a few frames of video that night where the settling dust outlined a human-shaped figure, otherwise invisible. It's at this point he calls Randy in, and the movie begins to look like PA2, with cameras everywhere in the house. It would be a spoiler to say whether or not that mystery is ever revealed in this film (but as I mentioned in the first paragraph, there is a PA4, and a "related" movie, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, came and went in January 2014 with almost no fanfare).The main thing about PA3 that contrasts with the first two entries in the series is how forgettable it is; the setup is basically the same, the execution is the same, the only differences are the actors and directors. And both come off here as pale imitations of the original. (There is also some debate over whether the final sequence of this film breaks canon. I originally thought so-actually, I think the phrase that went through my head as I was watching is "this makes no friggin' sense given the first two movies"-but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise by someone with some evidence.) Still, for all that, it's not a terrible movie; it has the weight of the two movies that came before it shoving it down in my estimation. Had it been a standalone Satanic Panic movie, I probably would have liked it more; it's not The House of the Devil, but then few things are. Still, I would have liked to see these directors-who have been noted widely for being so avant-garde in Catfish-to do something, anything, here that defied convention. **

Nicholas B (gb) wrote: With phenomenal atmosphere, amazing cinematography and a decade defining performance from Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview. There Will Be Blood is a epic masterpiece about Capitalism and the Corruption of the American Dream.

Jamie L (it) wrote: I love this, I always love documentaries on my favorite genre! :)

Francesca F (us) wrote: Mean, utterly predictable, and unfunny. I am certain I've seen a similar English film that was much more amusing.TV, 06/03/08

Heshani U (it) wrote: One of the longest seeming movies i have seen in a while... didnt like it..thought Joseph fiennes was hot...

Ray D (us) wrote: Chuck Norris versus THE DEVIL, and it's pretty much everything you would expect it to be, if what you suspected is surprisingly awesome in a cheap, sort-of-trashy way, where the fate of creation comes down to Chuck's ability to kick ol' Scratch in the face. Sort of tempting to regard END OF DAYS with suspicion after the uh, 'success' of this one. The dude playing evil incarnate (Christopher Neame?) Is kind of intimidating in a Bruce Payne-sort-of-way.

Roman R (ag) wrote: "Picnic at Hanging Rock" es una obra maestra que nos introduce al extrao caso de la desaparicin de 3 adolescentes y su maestra.La cinta, brillantemente dirigida por Peter Weir, crea un tono hipntico mientras nos atrapa con dudas. Hubo un secuestro, un asesinato, fue una simple huida o quizs, acaso, hay algo sobrenatural en juego?"Picnic at Hanging Rock" se quema en nuestra imaginacin, creando una sensacin de terror y desolacin. Ni siquiera estamos seguro si esta de verdad esta basada en una historia real. Aunque, realmente, eso no importa. Muy recomendable.

Walter M (it) wrote: "The Letter That Was Never Sent" is an awesomely shot but politically troubling tale of three geologists and their guide who are searching for diamonds in the pristine wilderness of Siberia.(Two of whom, Andrei(Vasili Livanov) and Tanya(Tatyana Samojlova,) are in love.) In summer, they have no luck, so they decide to stay until fall when curiosity turns into obsession. In America, the above plot could well have been about greed. In the Soviet Union, all four characters are devoted to serving the State(The movie is dedicated to all such explorers.) which is noble, I guess, but personal safety should always be a consideration. And a bigger factor than nationality should be the earth and the care it requires. I say that knowing the environmental movement does not happen until at least ten years after this movie was made, but some thought should have been given to the natural beauty that could be ruined by any diamond mining. (Originally reviewed in the blog section on January 28, 2008.)

Chris W (mx) wrote: Greatest of all time.

Alex G (kr) wrote: You would think that a movie called I Walked With a Zombie would be a god awful movie. Not so. As a fan of B movies, I did have a bias coming into this film, but overall, it was a good movie. Let me repeat that. I Walked With a Zombie is a good movie.I think the best part of the movie is the storytelling. It's a rather intelligent, well devised plot of a nurse who is assigned to tend to a female patient on an island in the West Indies. She soon meets the husband of the patient and his half-brother. I don't want to give too much away, but it involves love, voodoo, and a vast degree of complexity for a horror film. Historically, the director Jacques Tourneur is no stranger to making intelligent horror films. His earlier film, Cat People, had a similar degree of intelligence. I honestly would be hard pressed to call this a horror movie. It's more of a drama that has some horror elements to it, which is I guess what horror is when it comes down to it. The acting is also rather good. No one in particular stood out as exceptional, but none were bad either. I do have to give praise to the guy who played the wordless big eyed Voodoo guy. He was definitely the creepiest part of the movie in every single way.Although I did praise the storytelling of it, it became the problem for me of this movie. The movie itself spent so much of its time on the plot and character relationships/developments that it left very little room for horror and setting up a creepy atmosphere. Sure, there are some creepy moments, such as the Voodoo guy I mentioned, and some scenes that take place at the Voodoo village. The creepiest scene is when the Voodoo guy comes to the house at the end, and at first you only see his shadows. Compared to Tourneur's Cat People, this movie does not do as great of a job at balancing a well plotted story and a well created horror atmosphere. And even despite the great storytelling, the climax is rather lame, with the main characters talking it out when we pretty much already knew it anyway. Again, not giving away plot spoilers. It just felt arbitrary at times, taking care of itself to take care of itself. It didn't always seem to flow naturally in other words. The ending was also strange and I didn't really feel it fit with the rest of the movie. If only this movie had a longer running time than its current running time of 68 minutes.Despite these criticisms, I did like it. Overall, an intelligent, well acted story that knew that and focused so much on working its plot out that it didn't leave enough time to develop a horror atmosphere, despite some creepy moments.Note: I must point out that the "zombie" is not in the way we think of zombies now. In this movie, a zombie is thought of as just someone who is undead. Which is what a zombie is, minus the cannibalistic, deformed look that modern zombies have now. It was just looked like a normal person who just happened to be undead, with a little makeup to show the dead aspect of it.